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Jennifer Hudson Brothers
Bowling Green, KY 42101


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Rocky Mountain

Jennifer Hudson Brothers

Bowling Green, KY






Flaxen mane and tail; star; snip

trail horse, obstacles, youth, playday, smooth gait, western, english, barefoot, tricks


Jobe is a coming 11 y/o Registered Rocky Mountain gelding. This beautiful boy has been a trail horse his entire career and is quite proficient in the woods. He can handle the toughest terrain, loves water, crosses the deepest mud, and has a ground covering walk that will get you there comfortably. Jobe has a smooth, four-beat gait and does not require special shoes or riding. He is barefoot and has a nice hoof. Jobe is super smart and enjoys learning new things. He has been desensitized to many of our crazy things, such as the air dancer, the flag, tarps, umbrellas, and more. He handled it all in stride like a pro. He will step over to the mounting block, will ground tie for saddling, he can be cued to lay down and loves to bond with his person. I think Jobe would excel as an obstacle challenge horse. He really enjoys the thought and the precision it takes. If you enjoy a smart horse, he is your guy. I just love him. Jobe has a nice neck rein and will move away from leg pressure easily. He carries his weight well and knows how to properly get up and downhills. Surefooted and savvy. He is not afraid of dogs or wildlife and is accustomed to ATVs, farm equipment, and traffic. He has been ridden by experienced youth riders and has given lunge lessons to the little ones. He is a sweet horse that will wiggle his way into your heart. You are very welcome to come to see him and call or email with more questions or visit

Current offer: $10,100.00

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Jennifer Hudson Brothers
Bowling Green, KY 42101

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Item condition: New

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Ending On: 03/07/2021 6:00 pm

Timezone: America/Chicago

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Minnie 03/01/2021 3:33 pm $10,100.00
deehyatt2015 03/01/2021 3:33 pm $10,000.00 Auto
deehyatt2015 02/28/2021 2:24 pm $9,200.00
TheRoyalRider 02/28/2021 2:24 pm $9,000.00 Auto
TheRoyalRider 02/28/2021 1:39 pm $8,800.00
Minnie 02/28/2021 1:02 pm $8,600.00
deehyatt2015 02/28/2021 9:34 am $8,400.00
Linda 02/27/2021 8:23 am $8,200.00
TheRoyalRider 02/27/2021 6:20 am $8,000.00
Breezy 02/26/2021 5:08 pm $7,800.00
walgan 02/26/2021 4:05 pm $7,600.00
TheRoyalRider 02/25/2021 8:05 pm $7,400.00
Grannysdream 02/25/2021 6:09 pm $7,200.00
TheRoyalRider 02/25/2021 12:53 pm $7,000.00
Grannysdream 02/25/2021 10:20 am $6,800.00
Aldis 02/25/2021 7:01 am $6,600.00
Grannysdream 02/24/2021 10:02 pm $6,400.00
TheRoyalRider 02/24/2021 7:17 pm $6,200.00
Linda 02/24/2021 7:17 pm $6,000.00 Auto
TheRoyalRider 02/24/2021 7:17 pm $5,800.00
Linda 02/24/2021 6:51 pm $5,600.00 Auto
EgV 02/24/2021 6:51 pm $5,400.00
Linda 02/24/2021 6:09 pm $5,200.00
jumbleqween 02/24/2021 4:31 pm $5,000.00 Auto
horselooker 02/24/2021 4:31 pm $4,900.00
jumbleqween 02/24/2021 12:28 pm $4,700.00
teresa5542 02/24/2021 12:28 pm $4,500.00 Auto
jumbleqween 02/24/2021 12:28 pm $4,400.00
teresa5542 02/23/2021 11:20 pm $4,200.00
Tanis Ranch 02/23/2021 8:17 pm $4,000.00 Auto
Wassail41214 02/23/2021 8:17 pm $3,900.00
Tanis Ranch 02/23/2021 3:32 pm $3,700.00 Auto
bogieman3400 02/23/2021 3:32 pm $3,500.00
Tanis Ranch 02/23/2021 2:21 pm $3,200.00
WSM 02/23/2021 2:21 pm $3,000.00 Auto
WSM 02/22/2021 6:41 pm $2,700.00
tina wagner 02/22/2021 2:49 pm $2,500.00
Sale Started 02/21/2021 7:05 pm

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