Rob Wallen
Trafalgar, IN 46181


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Horse Details

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Rob Wallen

Trafalgar, IN






Strip with 4 socks

Trail, Gaited, Backs, Roping, Lunges, Open & Close gates while mounted, Move towards mounting block with snapping of fingers to mount,


Jax is a grade Kentucky Mountain saddle horse, an 11-year-old that stands 15 hands on a keg shoe. He is a stocky-built horse that can carry you all day long. Jax is a been there done that kind of horse-jax has had the basic ground training work done with him, such as lunging in both directions all while respecting your space, and he will face you when asked. He has been desensitized. Jax is easy to bridle, saddle, load, bathe, put on fly spray, groom, and shoes easy for the farrier. He has been on several camping trips. He will crosstie, stand at the hitching post, or tie to a trailer or a picket line. Jax is as smooth as they come. He’s willing to do anything you ask him. He will ride in the roughest train you can put him in, or he will ride with ease out on the trails. He will ride out alone by himself or will ride anywhere in a pack of horses, front, middle, or back. We feel Jax is safe enough for any rider. There is no buck bolt or spookiness about him. Jax is the same, no matter if you ride him once a month or every day. He has worked cattle out on the farm with dogs, cats, bicycles, less heavy machinery wildlife, or any traffic on the road, or ponying him with another horse, and if you can rope it, Jax can drag it nothing-phases him no hesitation as it shouldn’t for any great trail riding horse Jax stands still for mounting to get on or off. He neck reins and responds to leg pressure when opening and shutting gates. He will back up and will move toward you when snapping your fingers to mount from a mounting block for you to get on. Jax can be ridden bareback. He can carry saddlebags, gun scabbards, and jackets -he even doesn’t mind—a dog sitting on him. Jax is easy to catch in the pasture and gets along well with other horses. He will always meet you at the gate when taken to the barn. Jax is an easy keeper, and he’s very clean in the stall. Jax is looking for his forever home. He will make someone very happy. Companion.

Rob Wallen
Trafalgar, IN 46181

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