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Percheron X

Grantville, PA






Star; Two hind socks

Pony thoroughbreds, Gather cattle, Gives Lessons, Trail riding.


Heaven is striking in appearance and sweet in his demeanor. He goes English or western but has mainly been ridden western. Heaven has been in training for the past year. He has helped pony thoroughbred racehorses at Penn national racecourse, helping with the lesson program, where he was ridden with beginners to advanced riders. He has had a tremendous amount of time working on the ground with tarps and ropes and has been long-lined. He has been trail ridden in different terrains and heavy traffic roads. He moves off your leg with ease, as well as one hand neck rein, has a nice trot, and lope too. Heaven can be turned out and gets along with mares or geldings. He gets one scoop triple crown complete twice daily, along with two flakes of alfalfa hay. Heaven likes his turn-out time. Heaven has also helped gather cattle out in the pasture and did well. Heaven is a sensitive horse with a sensitive soul. That said, he needs a person he can trust and guide because he can sometimes be “looky” at things. Nothing crazy, just not a deadhead. He is more of a forward-moving horse but not hot. He has been laid down by a professional trainer for training purposes, but he does not have a cue. One could easily be put on, though. Heaven is not a beginner’s horse but has been ridden by beginners under the supervision of a professional trainer and has done well. Heaven would be best suited for an intermediate-advanced rider. Heaven does well ridden in a Robart dog bone snaffle bit. He is such a sweet horse looking for his forever person.



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