Gypsy Jay

Makayla Foster
Parker’s Lake, Ky 42634


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Makayla Foster

Parker’s Lake, KY


Black Roan




4 stockings, bald face, two white spots on left hip

Trail riding, beginners, safe & sane


Gypsy Jay is a 14.2hh, 11 yr. old, Black roan mare with luxurious chrome stockings to go with her color! If you’re looking for the perfect confidence booster for you, your kids, your wife, or your husband, she’s exactly what you’re looking for. Gypsy Jay was purchased from a local elder lady who had ridden her many miles! She has taken her to multiple fun shows and had her in all sorts of classes, from regular gaited classes to fun events. She has seen it all, kids jumping from trampolines, toddlers on bouncy horses, babies in strollers, flags flying in the air, chains dragging, horns honking, dirt bikes rumbling, kids running around… nothing bothers her! Gypsy Jay has been camping, using a high tie line, or even cross-tied in the barn with absolutely no problem. The kids & I have been really pleased with her, as you can tell by the videos! She can easily be caught catch, clip, bathe, tack up, load, and handle. Gypsy Jay is fun to ride but not a challenge by any means. A natural beauty that glides along like you are riding on a cloud. No matter where she goes or what she does, she is not spooky acting. She has been exposed to all different kinds of wildlife, such as deer, turkey, and other animals like cows, dogs, goats, and chickens. She will go anywhere that she is asked to. She has ridden many miles in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky all throughout the Daniel Boone national forest, encountering every obstacle possible on the trail. She will go up or down even the steepest slopes, across deep creeks, over downed trees, and through all types of rough terrain while still being sure-footed. She has been ridden in traffic and is very traffic-safe around cars, semi, logs, and dump trucks. She is sound, she is sane & she is affordable. She has a great personality and attitude about whatever she is asked to do. You’re looking at one stunning gal! I’m confident anyone would love this gal just as if they have raised her as their own.

Winning Offer: $6,555.00

Makayla Foster
Parker’s Lake, Ky 42634

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Murrasd1

Name Time Offer Auto
Murrasd1 11/20/2022 3:56 pm $6,555.00
hkoonts 11/20/2022 3:56 pm $6,355.00
Murrasd1 11/20/2022 3:32 pm $6,155.00
hkoonts 11/20/2022 3:31 pm $5,955.00
Murrasd1 11/20/2022 3:21 pm $5,755.00
hkoonts 11/20/2022 3:09 pm $5,555.00
Murrasd1 11/20/2022 3:09 pm $5,500.00 Auto
Murrasd1 11/20/2022 2:20 pm $5,300.00
Dwatson 11/20/2022 1:29 pm $5,100.00
Murrasd1 11/13/2022 6:15 pm $4,900.00
SundanceShines 11/12/2022 2:37 pm $4,700.00
Jackieq 11/10/2022 3:59 pm $4,500.00
Littlehoney82 11/10/2022 3:59 pm $4,300.00 Auto
Littlehoney82 11/10/2022 9:17 am $4,250.00
Jackieq 11/10/2022 9:17 am $4,050.00 Auto
Jackieq 11/10/2022 9:17 am $3,900.00 Auto
Littlehoney82 11/10/2022 9:17 am $3,700.00
Jackieq 11/09/2022 2:58 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 11/06/2022 4:58 pm
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