GoGo Yubari “GoGo Girl”

Joyce Taylor
Little Rock, AR 72122


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Joyce Taylor

Little Rock, AR







Blaze-lower lip, Spot on Right Wither

SAFE, Smooth Gaited, Trail horse, Past show horse, New or young rider safe, Moves hips for mounting, Experienced with traveling, Camping, Picket line, High tie, Stake out, Parades, Traffic, Dogs, Cattle, Wildlife, Perfect with catching, Clipping, Bathing, Farrier, Trailer loading, all! Exceptional all around pleasure horse!


GoGo Yabari, “GoGo Girl,” Tennessee Walking Horse Registered Mare, 15 Hands, 9 Years Old, Black

If you are looking for a dream trail horse, here she is! GoGo is an extremely safe, reliable, steady mount with a smooth, gliding gait. She has been extensively trail-ridden on every type of trail and terrain possible. GoGo and I spent two months on the trail out west this summer. We rode in Colorado, Nebraska, South and North Dakota, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, and Nevada! It was a once-in-a-lifetime, unbelievable trip, and even more so because I was on a dream horse! We climbed steep mountains, rode on narrow ledges with 100s of feet of drops, sometimes on loose rocks, sometimes on slick sheets of rock, and sometimes climbing over large boulders and lots of fallen trees, brush, or cactus. We encountered other riders, mule packs, all types of wildlife (mother and baby moose – twice, just feet off the trail!), hikers with oversized backpacks, bicyclists, 4-wheelers, motorbikes, and all kinds of first encounter experiences. We crossed every type of bridge, from big and loud to tall or low, many with rushing rivers below and many without railings. GoGo took all of these precarious conditions and issues in stride and, without hesitation and with mastery, sure-footedness. It is wonderful to be able to enjoy the abundant beauty of nature from the back of a dependable and comfortable horse. Life is too short! …to be frightened or uncomfortable, or worse, hurt! …. or maybe worse, to miss out on extraordinary adventures or even a short ride around the farm or neighborhood!

GoGo has experience with picket lines, high ties, high lines, and the stakeout. She eats and drinks well on the road and on the trail. She is very easy to travel with, always willing and accepting of all facilities and circumstances. She takes her cue of trust from you, and you can do the same with her.

GoGo is a nine-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse. She is 15 hands in height. She is a smoky black in the sunshine months of summer and is an even more gorgeous, dark black when the days start getting shorter. She has a striking, full, and unique blaze.

GoGo does it all! She will flex, lower her head, and turn her head for haltering and bridling and their removal; she will back from the ground and from the saddle, move her hips for mounting. She is well-desensitized to whips, plastic bags, umbrellas, raincoats, tarps, etc. GoGo is easy and fun to have both in the pasture and in the barn. She will leave the pasture and go to her designated stall on her own. She loads easily and backs out of the trailer without any hesitation. She stands kindly for the farrier, clipping, bathing, grooming, saddling, fly spray, etc.

GoGo was trained as a show horse early in her training. I have included a video of her gaiting from three years ago. If desired, I believe she could make a successful return to the show ring. I am also including a video of many shots of her on the trail. GoGo is quite the unique unicorn horse with the ability and skill to do it all and with the right attitude and desire to please.

I feel anyone could ride and get along with GoGo: a novice rider, a child, or a husband. Her gait comes naturally and is maintained on a loose rein on the trail, and with light pressure will gait with the best flat-shod show horse out there. Not only does she have a wonderful gait, but she also lopes and stops mannerly with a ‘whoa’ and leaning back in the saddle.

This once-in-a-lifetime mare is one I am truly proud to offer. She deserves the best home.

I welcome you to come meet and try out GoGo yourself. I also welcome any questions or requests for additional information.

GoGo is available to ride pre-auction or pick up post-auction in Little Rock, AR.

Joyce Taylor
Little Rock, AR 72122

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