Shesa Travelin Rebel “Dunnie”


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Horse Details


Cochranville, PA



Dun Roan




Star, LH sock, RH Sock, Roaning, Scar on left side of neck

Kid safe, Catching, Tying, Beginner Lesson Horse.


Dunnie is an eight-year-old registered quarter-horse mare. She stands at 14.1 hands and has a stunning dun winter coat. Through summer and spring, she has a gorgeous dun roan coat. Dunnie walk-trot-canters.

She was extensively ridden on trails during her five months in our training program. This includes walking through streams, over bridges, and along roads with cars, buggies, and farm machinery. She has also been through woods with no clear path, over logs, and down trees. She has no preference for leading or following in the group.

Dunnie is kind, intelligent, and willing. She responds well to leg pressure and needs little directing from the reins. We have started her with formal training trotting the barrel pattern. She is great for beginner lessons in our program and has more whoa than go.

During Dunnie’s time with us, she lived both stalled up and in a field with four other mares. She prefers to be turned out with mares.
She has also been turned out with cattle, goats, and sheep. Easy to groom, tack up, and trail ride: crosses bridges, is traffic safe, and rides through water.

Dunnie is our go-to horse for having a good time with kids. We trust her to calmly watch their shenanigans or even actively play tag with them. We will miss giving her hugs, kisses, and treats each morning.

Contact us for more information on her training foundation and unique personality.


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