Diamonds & Pearls

Tammy Holt
Paradise, UT 84328


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Horse Details

National Spotted Saddle Horse

Tammy Holt

Paradise, UT



Bay & White




Tobiano,4 stockings, Blue eyes, Star, Strip, Snip

Western, Trail riding, Gaited


Introducing Diamond: Your Perfect Companion for Unforgettable Trail Rides!
 Meet Diamond, the remarkable 10-year-old mare who possesses an array of exceptional qualities that make her the ultimate choice for your equestrian adventures.
 Standing at 15.2 hands with an average build, Diamond captivates with her stunning blue eyes, radiating both beauty and intelligence.
 What sets Diamond apart is her delightful combination of a gentle nature and an invigorating spirit. With a touch of spunk, she injects excitement into every trail excursion, creating a truly wonderful experience. But fear not, if a leisurely ride is more to your liking, Diamond effortlessly adjusts her pace to accommodate your preferences. She is a barefoot wonder, confidently navigating any terrain without missing a beat. No obstacle is too daunting for Diamond, bridges, water, mud, wildlife, and bustling surroundings pose no challenge to her serene disposition. She fearlessly encounters deer, buffalo, dogs, and even loud farm equipment, automobiles, bicycles, and pedestrians, granting you peace-of-mind and a harmonious journey. At the trailer,
 Diamond’s well-behaved demeanor shines through, as she stands patiently without a trace of pawing. Diamond’s greatest joy comes from being a pleaser, eager to fulfill your every request. She can effortlessly accompany you for hours on the trail, relishing every moment with genuine enthusiasm. Whether you prefer leading the way, riding in the middle, or enjoying the tranquility of the rear, Diamond adapts seamlessly. And a solo ride is absolutely a go too. Even dogs weaving in and out won’t faze her. Having been utilized as a lesson horse, Diamond showcases impeccable manners during bath time, farrier visits, grooming sessions, and saddling. Her versatility extends beyond the saddle as well – Diamond can be ridden bareback, double, and confidently on roads. Notably, she gracefully lowers herself for easy mounting, ensuring a seamless start to your ride. Diamond’s repertoire of skills is truly impressive. She excels in neck reining, gracefully backs up, skillfully side passes away from trees when necessary, and possesses a smooth and reliable stop. If you yearn for the perfect blend of a super smooth ride and unforgettable trail experiences, look no further than Diamond. Her remarkable qualities, unwavering patience, and unwavering desire to please are certain to make your time together extraordinary. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on your most fabulous trail rides with Diamond by your side.

Tammy Holt
Paradise, UT 84328

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