Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778


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Missouri Fox Trotter

Laura Way

Walden, CO


Palomino Overo




Blaze, Right Front Stocking

Trail, Lessons, Tricks, Bridleless, Safe, Gentle


Diamond is worth his weight in gold and will steal your heart! Diamond is a rare, dark, palomino OVERO grade MFT gelding full of personality! Standing a big 15.2 hands and 9-years-old, he is a fun horse for the entire family to enjoy! He has a stocky confirmation with a pretty refined head and ear.

Diamond is a true trail horse deluxe and has been ridden miles and miles from the Medicine Bow Mountain Range in Wyoming to all over the piney woods of the southeast. Diamond has been in our training program for the last 4 years. He has been there, done that, and it shows. He is super soft in the mouth and can be ridden with a simple O-ring smooth snaffle bit or simple shank bit. Diamond is so soft. He can even be ridden with a halter or BRIDLELESS through the roughest country. There aren’t many horses I would trust with no bridle out on the wide-open range, but he is THAT GOOD! Diamond is solid and stout on the trails. He is very sure-footed and takes his time through slick rocks and down timber. Diamond is safe to take out on the trail solo or does great on the trail with a group of horses. He will be quiet in the front, middle, or back of the pack and is happy either way. He has been ridden in a lot of really rough terrain in the high country and takes it all as it comes without issue. He also has countless hours of bird hunting experience, from packing guests who have never ridden to professional hunters. This includes shotguns, mules, wagons, dogs, loud noises, and long days. Diamond is just as much at home in the arena and round pen as in the woods and open country.

Diamond rides around nicely on a loose rein at a walk, gait, or lope. He has a very smooth gait and a walk that makes him comfortable to ride for long hours. He will lope both leads on cue with a super smooth transition in and out of a lope. He has the nicest, soft, one-handed neck rein, backs up nicely, side passes, and responds well to leg cues and your seat in the saddle. Diamond is good with gunfire, bullwhips, dogs, cats, children, water, bridges, and traffic. He has been used to ponying other horses and gathers cattle, as well.

Diamond has extensive liberty training, which simply shows his willingness to please and desire to be with you. He will freely follow you around walking or running with no halter or lead rope. He is a very trusting horse with a calm and sweet disposition. He will lunge freely, then come to you when asked and lunge both directions on a loose line with a halter, as well. Diamond loves his treats, and his favorite thing in the world is to be pampered. Diamond takes every new task in stride, and almost always, it will be followed by a simple “lick and chew,” showing his acceptance of whatever you may ask of him. (You’ll see this over and over in his video ????)

Even though Diamond has advanced level training, he still knows all the basics, with many hours spent practicing simple flexion, picking up his shoulders, bending at his ribs, and moving off his legs. Diamond will drop his head low with gentle pressure on his poll, making putting the halter or bridle on easy. He stands quietly for mounting and will side pass up to the mounting block with the snap of your fingers, making getting on much easier. Diamond is quiet in the barn and easy to catch anywhere in the pasture. He stands without being tied for saddling, grooming, clipping, and bathing. He stands quietly for the farrier and loads/backs in/out of the trailer quietly.

Diamond has been used for lessons and to help teach young riders how to find their balance while riding bareback. Children have laid all over him, sliding off his butt, standing on his back, hanging on to his mane while sliding off, and he does not care one bit. He is very respectful of your space while working with him and is even careful not to get your fingers while taking his treats. Diamond does not have a mean bone in his body and loves attention from everyone.

Diamond is a one-in-a-million type of horse! He is an all-around amazing gelding that is suitable for the entire family and any level rider. Pack all your gear and take him up the mountain for days. He will take care of you, take him to gather some cattle, let the children love on him at home, sunset rides on the beach, mounted shooting, family trail rides, bareback AND bridleless, show him to your friends at liberty… the possibilities are endless with Diamond. You are going to love him as much as we do! We would love for you to come to ride him and see for yourself!

W2 Horses has two locations, Pavo, Georgia, and our summer camp – 1 hour outside of Walden, CO, in the mountains. Diamond will be located near Walden, CO, for the duration of the auction. Once an auction has ended, the buyer will have the option for us to aid in transportation back East, if needed. We will be leaving heading back East within a few days of the auction ending. If the buyer would like to use a transporter from Walden to a new destination, we ask that you have transportation arrangements in place before the end of the auction. Currently, the location is VERY remote, and the cellular service is LIMITED. When calling for any more information, please leave a message with contact information if we may miss your call.

We request buyer be PayPal or Venmo accessible to place a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction. We also request the remaining balance to be wire transferred before the close of the following business day. Thank you for your understanding, and we look forward to pairing you with the horse of a lifetime.

Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31778

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