Deep Blue

Cody Martin
Lancaster, KY 40444


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Cody Martin

Stanford, KY



Blue Roan




Small Whorl

Trail, Gaited


Deep Blue “Blue” is a gorgeous 4 coming 5 year old registered TWH gelding. Blue is not only easy on the eyes, he’s an exceptionally nice trail horse with a head full of sense. Blue has a big personality and loves being the center of attention. Blue will take you up the hills, down the hills, across the creeks, the ditches, or wherever you please. I’ve introduced him to many things while he’s been with me and nothing has fazed Blue. He will be the same horse each time you get him out. Blue is a horse you can ride in the front of the crowd, the middle, or the back with no problems. Put him wherever you choose and he rides the same in any area of the crowd. We have personally taken blue on a week long camping trip and he stood tied out on the picket line like a true gentleman. Blue has been ridden around cattle, traffic, dogs, wildlife and much more. Blue stands to mount and dismount, for the farrier, and to be tacked up. Blue is always the first one to you in the field and is always quiet and well behaved in the stall. He will load and unload from the trailer as he should. Blue stands quiet in the cross ties and is just a true gentlemen to be around. If you’re looking to get noticed with a nice young horse that’s been through most everything imaginable at a young age, look no further. As always, if you’re interested in Blue feel free to give me a call and schedule a visit to come try Blue out for the day.

Winning Offer: $12,500.00

Cody Martin
Lancaster, KY 40444

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: 3081Catherinem

Name Time Offer Auto
3081Catherinem 06/28/2023 3:44 pm $12,500.00 Auto
3081Catherinem 06/28/2023 3:39 pm $10,701.00 Auto
Dusty Roads Ranch 06/28/2023 3:39 pm $10,501.00
3081Catherinem 06/28/2023 3:35 pm $10,300.00 Auto
Dusty Roads Ranch 06/28/2023 3:35 pm $10,100.00
3081Catherinem 06/28/2023 3:34 pm $9,860.00
Dusty Roads Ranch 06/28/2023 3:34 pm $9,660.00 Auto
Dusty Roads Ranch 06/28/2023 2:41 pm $9,200.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/28/2023 2:41 pm $9,000.00 Auto
Gypsysoul2021 06/28/2023 2:40 pm $8,800.00 Auto
Dusty Roads Ranch 06/28/2023 2:40 pm $8,600.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/28/2023 11:34 am $8,200.00
Angus 06/27/2023 9:16 pm $8,000.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/27/2023 9:16 pm $7,900.00 Auto
Gypsysoul2021 06/27/2023 9:15 pm $7,800.00 Auto
Angus 06/27/2023 9:15 pm $7,600.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/27/2023 9:15 pm $7,400.00 Auto
Angus 06/27/2023 9:15 pm $7,200.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/27/2023 9:15 pm $7,000.00 Auto
Angus 06/27/2023 9:15 pm $6,800.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/26/2023 2:18 pm $6,600.00
paulandginnie32 06/25/2023 9:14 pm $6,400.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/24/2023 3:22 pm $6,200.00
FastEddie 06/23/2023 12:04 pm $6,000.00 Auto
Sweet Potato 06/23/2023 12:04 pm $5,800.00
FastEddie 06/22/2023 9:48 am $5,600.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/21/2023 1:23 pm $5,400.00 Auto
Sweet Potato 06/21/2023 1:23 pm $5,300.00
Gypsysoul2021 06/19/2023 10:07 pm $5,100.00
Sweet Potato 06/18/2023 8:26 am $4,900.00
FastEddie 06/16/2023 11:16 am $4,700.00
Peggy 06/15/2023 6:23 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 06/14/2023 6:03 pm
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