• RmsGweEF3YE

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Foristell, MO







Lightning bolt blaze

Trail riding, jumping, side pass, yield hindquarters/forequarters, bareback, brideless


Are you looking for a rock-solid, super gentle yet handy, and friendly horse? You just found him! Cowboy is a gentle puppy dog and a horse you can put grandma on and know that she will be safe. He is super cute, just shy of 14.3 hands, 12-year-old bay gelding that’s kind and good-natured. Well-bred and is the right size for easy on and off. Cowboy has a comfortable jog and lopes out on cue in the arena, always taking the correct lead. He has a good stop, does flying lead changes, backs soft, and moves off leg or hand cues with ease. He has a one-hand neck rein, rides bareback, carries the flag, and goes right thru town with confidence and ease. He side passes over to open and close the gates or climb up anything for easy mounting and dismounting and will open and close the gates. On the trails, he is a solid citizen. He will lead or follow and ride quietly in a large group and go out on his own. He crosses the tarps, trail bridges, downed timber, picks his way thru the rocks like a pro, and goes over around or thru anything we ask with no fuss and no hesitation. He is sure-footed in the steep terrain and equally as good in the busy streets where barking dogs, cars, trucks, busses, and such are of no concern to him. He loves people and loves attention, and is a really easy keeper. He will greet you wherever you find him, ready, willing, and able to do whatever you have planned. Gentle as can be around children, he takes a snooze most of the time around little ones jumping and hollering around him. This is the kind that we search high and low for and the kind we all need! He is safe, sane, and 100% sound, with no bad habits and no maintenance.



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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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Turkey hollow 10/24/2021 1:16 pm $5,601.00
Falcon53 10/24/2021 1:16 pm $5,500.00 Auto
Falcon53 10/24/2021 10:09 am $5,400.00
RTrider 10/11/2021 11:00 am $5,200.00
hollygirl 10/10/2021 2:01 pm $5,000.00
Sale Started 10/09/2021 11:59 pm
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