Country Boy’s Hurricane “Harvey”

Jeff Peck
Wichita Falls, TX 76305


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

4Ps Horses

Wichita Falls, TX



Red Dun/Grey





Trail, Gaited, Ranch, English, Versatile, Husband Safe.


Country Boy’s Hurricane (Harvey) is a born, bred, and trained gelding from the 4Ps Horses program. Harvey is the last son of the late Playboys Country Boy and the daughter of Boss’ Midnight Cash. The opportunity to have a pedigree for a one-of-a-kind, good-boned horse with exquisite disposition is extremely hard to come by. This breeding will be extinct and talked about for years to come. This is an opportunity to own one of the finest quality trail/ranch-bred Missouri Foxtrotters that’s been around for a while. Not only is this guy big, stout, and gorgeous…. he is broke! This guy is correct and is ready for his next new owner to take him on adventures to fulfill a lifetime of memories. Harvey stands a solid 15.3 and will fit just about anybody who can ride. And I carefully said just about anybody that knows how to ride… Harvey is very safe and will not get you in a bind; his temperament is a 1.5. Harvey is very laid back but will move on out when asked. I have seen that he will adjust to the level of rider that is on his back. We have had beginners and novice riders ride him, and he has done fine. I would call him a step-up horse, but he will work for someone learning how to ride as long as someone gives them lessons and keeps him ridden once or twice a week. He can be turned out for a long time, gets back up, and rides off fine. He is an all-around easy keeper. Harvey, would be great to trail riding or to check your cows and fence lines. This guy would also be a good Western dressage prospect if someone wants to go in that direction. He has all the capabilities in the world and is very light in the face. You definitely to do not have to pull on this guy constantly, he will gait on a loose rein or with very light mouth pressure. When you sit down and say whoa, that’s when he will stop. He has very good brakes and an even better mind. He picks up both leads and side passes, goes in reverse as far as you want, and will give you 100% at all times. He is an in-your-pocket type of guy that will make someone’s dream come true. Located in Wichita Falls, TX

Winning Offer: $26,200.00

Jeff Peck
Wichita Falls, TX 76305

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: hbuflod

Name Time Offer Auto
hbuflod 01/31/2024 4:14 pm $26,200.00
Gedub55 01/31/2024 4:14 pm $26,000.00 Auto
Gedub55 01/31/2024 12:32 pm $25,450.00
hbuflod 01/31/2024 12:32 pm $25,250.00 Auto
hbuflod 01/31/2024 12:29 pm $24,200.00 Auto
Gedub55 01/31/2024 12:29 pm $24,000.00
hbuflod 01/31/2024 12:23 pm $22,200.00 Auto
Gedub55 01/31/2024 12:23 pm $22,000.00
hbuflod 01/31/2024 10:18 am $21,200.00
Gedub55 01/31/2024 10:18 am $21,000.00 Auto
Gedub55 01/30/2024 4:40 pm $15,450.00 Auto
RRoemmich 01/30/2024 4:40 pm $15,250.00
Gedub55 01/29/2024 4:22 pm $12,950.00
RRoemmich 01/29/2024 4:22 pm $12,750.00 Auto
RRoemmich 01/29/2024 3:59 pm $11,700.00 Auto
Gedub55 01/29/2024 3:59 pm $11,500.00
RRoemmich 01/25/2024 12:31 pm $10,700.00
Mustangsally 01/25/2024 12:31 pm $10,500.00 Auto
Mustangsally 01/25/2024 11:59 am $10,450.00
RRoemmich 01/25/2024 11:59 am $10,250.00 Auto
RRoemmich 01/25/2024 11:59 am $10,200.00 Auto
Mustangsally 01/25/2024 11:59 am $10,000.00
RRoemmich 01/25/2024 11:58 am $9,800.00 Auto
Mustangsally 01/25/2024 11:58 am $9,600.00
RRoemmich 01/25/2024 11:57 am $9,300.00 Auto
Mustangsally 01/25/2024 11:57 am $9,100.00
RRoemmich 01/25/2024 11:54 am $8,900.00 Auto
Mustangsally 01/25/2024 11:54 am $8,700.00
RRoemmich 01/24/2024 6:43 pm $8,500.00 Auto
Sunshine65 01/24/2024 6:43 pm $8,300.00
RRoemmich 01/24/2024 4:39 pm $8,100.00 Auto
Sunshine65 01/24/2024 4:39 pm $7,900.00
RRoemmich 01/23/2024 4:43 pm $7,700.00
Yes Sir 01/22/2024 7:43 pm $7,500.00 Auto
hbuflod 01/22/2024 7:43 pm $7,400.00
Yes Sir 01/22/2024 7:42 pm $7,200.00 Auto
hbuflod 01/22/2024 7:42 pm $7,000.00
Yes Sir 01/22/2024 7:42 pm $6,200.00 Auto
hbuflod 01/22/2024 7:42 pm $6,000.00
Yes Sir 01/22/2024 7:41 pm $5,600.00 Auto
hbuflod 01/22/2024 7:41 pm $5,400.00
Yes Sir 01/19/2024 7:50 am $5,200.00
Tefoust 01/18/2024 7:53 pm $5,000.00
Sale Started 01/17/2024 4:37 pm
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