Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31178


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Gaited Pony

Laura Way



Bay Dun Tobiano




Star, Snip, Dorsal Stripe, Zebra stripes on legs, Tobiano

Gaited, Trail, Ranch work, Relay games, Pony parties, Cart, Parades, Tricks, SAFE AND GENTLE


Chief is the ULTIMATE GAITED pony and is absolutely one in a million! There is no question, you will never find another one like him. Chief has the color, conformation, disposition and training you will spend a lifetime trying to find. He is a rare bay dun tobiano gelding standing 12.1 hands tall and 8 years old. Chief is built like a big horse and is a beautiful true dun with a crisp dorsal stripe on his back. He also has the zebra stripes on his legs, too! Cart and harness seen in video and pictures will be included with Chief as well as one like new 13-inch child’s saddle. (not seen in video).  All in one package!

Chief is a real sweetheart and is 100% bombproof! He loves attention and absolutely loves children! He is no doubt the favorite around our barn and the kids argue over who gets to ride him. Chief has been there and done it! He has years of experience and thousands of miles carrying children of all ages and even small adults on the trail. Chief also pulls a cart like a pro. Chief came to us as an experienced trail and cart pony. We purchased him from his original owner and breeder whose grandchildren outgrew him after the spent years of endless hours on the trails at Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky. Chief knows Wrangler’s campground forward, backwards, and could find his way around blindfolded. Chief then entered our family and began his more advanced training. Chief has been trained how we train our big horses, going through our rigorous program along with fine tuning his gait and teaching him ranch work, trick, softness, and much more. He rides and travels like a big horse. Chief has a super smooth head shaking gait with a nice transition into an amazing slow lope. He has a super soft mouth and has lots of experience flexing and picking up his shoulder. Chief responds to leg pressure, can be ridden one handed, and backs up nicely. Chief knows how to side pass up to the mounting block with the snap of your fingers to make mounting and dismounting a breeze, while also standing perfectly still. Chief will cross water, ditches, and logs. He is good with dogs, cattle, flags, gunfire, bullwhips, 4-wheelers and traffic. He is quiet on the trail in small or large groups and will keep up with the big horses easily. He doesn’t mind if he gets left behind or he will take the lead if you ask him. Chief can be ridden bareback and a halter just as easy as with a saddle. He knows how to push cattle; you can swing a rope on him and drag anything. Chief has extensive experience at pony parties with children painting him every day, relay races, riding double or triple and church festivals giving cart rides all day long. He has been around large crowds of people, blow up jump houses, balloons, parades and much more. Chief never gets worked up and takes everything you ask of him in stride. He is an honest pony and is the kind that can be trusted for your children to hang all over and ride around unsupervised. You can be sure he will take care of them.

Chief is a treat lover and a real gentleman! He stands quietly for saddle, harnessing, and takes a bridle easily with his head low. He is easy to catch, will follow you around like a puppy, gets along good with other horses, and is quiet in the stall. Chief will stand tied for hours and is also hobble broke. He stands for the farrier, grooming, and bathing. He will willing pick up all 4 feet and has absolutely no meanness to him. He loads in the trailer and unloads without issue.

We cannot express to you how amazing Chief truly is and how rare it is to find a pony of his class! Chief sets an all-new standard for the world of ponies. He is trained to teach your children how to become great horsemen and show them a passion to love for a lifetime. He deserves the BEST home, a soft hand and someone to love him like we HONESTLY do. He is an excellent all-around pony that would be great for a beginner or experienced rider or a lessons pony. He is SAFE and TRUSTWORTHY ALL DAY, EVERY DAY! 100% BOMBPROOF!

Chief has been routinely dewormed, vaccinated, routine teeth floating and shoeing. With Christmas two weeks after auction ends, we have some transportation options available depending on location.

We require buyer be PayPal or Venmo accessible to place a $2000 deposit immediately following the end of the auction. (No exception! Please find friend or family member to aid in deposit if not PayPal or Venmo accessible). We require the remaining balance to be wire transferred before the close of the following business day. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to pairing you with the pony of a lifetime.

Laura Way
Pavo, GA 31178

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