Cactus Jack

Lloyd Deaton
McKee, KY 40447


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Lloyd Deaton

McKee KY


Black Tobiano




Star, Snip, Four Stockings with specks.

All Around, Husband Safe, Trail Experience, Neckreins, Confident Beginner Safe


Cactus Jack is a Tennessee Walking Horse Gelding standing right at 14.3HH, 10 years old. We would consider Cactus Jack safe for most confident beginners that know the basic skills of riding a horse. We have personally been trail riding Cactus Jack here in Southeastern Kentucky almost every weekend with a group of friends on overnight camping trips to Big South Fork along with several day rides locally in our county we have a huge portion of the National Boone Forest right in our back yard! Jack has been trained with natural horsemanship methods, he will listen to all voice commands, can be ridden without a bridle & listens to his rider the best. Cactus Jack has the absolute best ground manners and loves attention from his human companion. I don’t believe you could make this fella jump or spook at anything & believe me, we have tried him & ridden him past things he had never seen before like in our video with the tarp and flag being flapped around him, riding without a bridle or any control over the horse, he’s just an all-around good horse that takes to new things like he has been trained with them his entire life! Cactus Jack is the type of horse you don’t find often that knows his way around the roughest of trails, he will go or cross just about anything without any hesitation, handles in trails excellent taking his time with every step always alert listening to his rider being very cautious & calm he is a sure-footed trail partner! He is absolutely NOT spooky or nervous acting, easy going with a head full of sense would describe this fella the best! Cactus Jack has the smoothest gait you can find on a gaited horse that is natural you just sit there & he does all the work he will flat foot walk with a simple” smooch” he will move on out to his natural 4 beat gait that honestly feels like your sitting in the recliner at home! Absolutely loves attention from his human friends, he is the typical in-your-pocket type attitude with excellent ground manners! Stands to be mounted/dismounted from anything & will wait however long YOU want without giving you the first problem wanting to go on his own. Like with all of our horses what you see in our videos is the true horse you get when you get it home! We have personally trail-ridden Cactus Jack the past few months trail riding him several miles in trails by himself or with a group of friends he does great & acts the same with either, Doesn’t mind being in the back of the group, leading or in the middle! It doesn’t get too steep or rough for this fella, will cross/go anywhere you point his head without any hesitation crossing downed trees, water puddles, he is sure-footed & takes his time with every step completely trusting the rider to guide the way! Has been ridden along the country roads around our home where he has encountered farm equipment, other livestock running alongside the road(cows, horses), dogs running out barking, loud vehicles passing, ATVs. Well behaved getting a haircut, taking baths, tacking up, loading & unloading in a trailer, being shod (has 4 new kegs all around). Absolutely NO bad habits/vice we have ever seen out of him(rearing up, kicking, bucking, biting, barn weaving, cribbing, or barn/buddy sour)

Lloyd Deaton
McKee, KY 40447

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