Casey Sivert
Pipestone, MN 56164


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Casey Sievert

Pipestone, MN


Smokey Black




Star, Strip, Snip, RF-sock, LF-pastern, LH-fetlock

Gaited, Trail, Arena, Family, Smooth, Safe


Arrow is a handsome 12-year-old grade Tennessee Walker gelding standing a very stout 14.3 hands. He is a true gentleman! Arrow is great with clipping (dozes off), spraying, baths, loves being groomed, standing for the farrier, loading in any trailer (stock, slant, a tiny two-horse straight load), tacking/untacking, & has excellent manners all around. He is the first one to meet you in the pasture (especially if you have treats) & is super easy to catch; he’ll even “assist” you in haltering him. He respects all types of fencing. Arrow will stand tied all day without any vices. He is barefoot with excellent, hard hooves & does not require any maintenance. He does great hauling to new places to ride, whether on a day trip or overnights. Arrow LOVES people of all ages & attention; he has one of the best personalities I’ve seen in a horse. He’s always willing to do anything & he’s quick to catch on to new things.

His gaits are smooth as molasses. He also one-hand neck reins, and pivots well, moves off of pressure/seat beautifully, & has a big stop. Knows “Whoa.” Countless miles of safe trail riding over all types of terrain, in groups, & alone. Your back & buns will appreciate floating along at his running walk. I’ve ridden him in a variety of bits, hacks, halters, or rope/bridle around the neck & he behaves the same & is responsive to all. I have only ridden him western so far, but I have no doubt he would perform beautifully in several disciplines & tack. Stands like a perfect gentleman for mounting/dismounting. Arrow is the go-to mount for our very inexperienced 12-year-old, even less experienced husband, & any guests at our home. He’s sat for weeks/months & ridden off without missing a beat. He lunges, but it’s not needed before riding. I’ve used him to pony our kids on their horses around town & on trails. They’ve also ridden him all over with & without other horses. He’s happy to ride front, middle, or back on the trails. Arrow will go any pace asked, whoa or go, but he has plenty of energy. Even though he’s quite out of shape, he has impressive stamina on the trails. He is comfortable & competent with any terrain. Arrow is perfect for a handy youth on up, but due to his energy level & buttons, I would recommend ponying, leading, or walking alongside beginner kids. He’s a great size & with his build, he can handle a variety of riders. He has NEVER bucked, reared, bolted, kicked, bit, etc., in the years we have owned him.

Arrow is up to date on all farrier (last trim 8/29 & he’s on an 8-week schedule) & vet work.

We live on a busy ag/industrial road on the edge of town so he’s been exposed to a ton: sirens, all traffic, trains, airplanes, tractors, semis, construction equipment (during our first solo trail ride this year, a skid loader turned the asphalt grinder on as we went by & Arrow didn’t flinch), dump trucks, ATVs/UTVs, motorcycles, dirt bikes, cattle, dozens of different farm animals & wildlife, guns, fireworks, bridges, water, & every outdoor toy you can imagine from having five kids. Nothing bothers him!

Arrow is a bit on the “thick” side right now as we have twin toddlers, other children, & jobs that don’t afford us as much riding time as we would like. As much as we would love to keep him, the lack of time & space won’t allow it. He deserves someone who will ride him on a fairly regular basis. He doesn’t need a job or to be ridden daily, but like most of us, he does do best with some consistency.

We’d really love to see Arrow end up with someone who will love & bond with him & give him the forever home he deserves! As I mentioned before, we would LOVE to keep him forever, but our kids want to get into gaming/rodeos more & we do not have the room at our small acreage to keep him. This is a difficult decision that we’ve gone back & forth with for a long time. If we had the room to keep him while adding another to our herd, he’d be staying, no questions asked, but I don’t want to discourage our kids from trying new things.

We’re happy to work with any reputable shippers to arrange transport. You’re welcome to come meet Arrow, but be prepared to fall in love! You will not be disappointed! I’m happy to answer any questions, so please feel free to contact me!

Casey Sivert
Pipestone, MN 56164

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