Amos Mosses

James Brewer
Tompkinsville, Ky 42167


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Horse Details

Gaited Mule

James Brewer

Tompkinsville, KY






Crossing Creeks, Logs, Jumps logs, Neck reining, Side passes, Parks out for mount and dismount


If you’re looking for your forever dream mule.

Meet Amos

He is a six-year-old red-sorrel-gaited John Mule. Stands at 14.3 hands. He is a great trail mule. He crosses creeks, logs, etc. Loads and unloads great. Not scared of cattle. Stands for Ferrier and bath. Neck reins. He side passes both ways. He also side passes to the mounting block and parks to mount and dismount. He will follow you to the mount block. Has a really smooth gait. Really good ground manners. He is an absolute baby doll and fun to ride. Terry bought Amos in Vernon, Kentucky, as a three-year-old. Amish got him as a yearling and broke him to ride. Terry took him to Texas and rode him for about a year, then bought a place in Kentucky and moved there. Amos was not used for two years at no fault of his own due to relocating his farm. Terry did not have the time that he should put in Amos until Terry and I met. I have had Amos for about 30 days, preparing him for his forever-loving home. Terry is the 2nd owner of Amos. If you want to talk to Terry about him, just let me know your number.

James Brewer
Tompkinsville, Ky 42167

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