Oly & Cristina Edmiston
Carr, CO 80612


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Oly & Cristina Edmiston

Carr, CO






Star; strip; snip; socks on left front and right hind; saddlemarks

Trail horse, Ranch horse, Ranch sorting, Gymkhana, Obstacle course


Ranch horses make excellent trail horses, and Allen is exceptional on the ranch and trails. He is 8 years old and approximately 14.2 hands. Accustomed to rough terrain and long days, his working career put him in contact with all manner of livestock and real-world working situations and pressures that make this outstanding gelding a well-rounded, good-minded, and trusted mount for the whole family. Allen moves out with ease and confidence, even alone. He has developed an easy one-hand neck rein, and he moves off seat and legs. A simple twist of the shoulders and hips will send him quietly down the correct trail. Allen is a team player being mindful of the rider and himself as he passes obstacles on the trail. Allen is talented at playdays, ranch sorting, and ranch roping, never getting hot or on the muscle. He has proven to have a good off switch. He has been down trails in the mountains and through town. Logs, dogs, and bogs do not phase this gelding. He is also traffic safe. Allen has no vices. He is good for the farrier. He loads straight and backs out of the trailer. He is current on his vaccinations and deworming and had his teeth floated. Located in Carr, Colorado. Call for more information and also check us out on Facebook and Instagram @stockworksinc.

Winning Offer: $7,700.00

Oly & Cristina Edmiston
Carr, CO 80612

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Highest bidder was: debbieMF5

Name Time Offer Auto
debbieMF5 08/29/2021 8:07 pm $7,700.00
Renee litke 08/29/2021 8:03 pm $7,500.00
debbieMF5 08/29/2021 8:01 pm $7,300.00
Marybell 08/29/2021 8:00 pm $7,100.00
debbieMF5 08/29/2021 7:59 pm $6,900.00
Marybell 08/29/2021 7:57 pm $6,700.00
debbieMF5 08/29/2021 7:56 pm $6,500.00
Marybell 08/29/2021 7:52 pm $6,300.00
SLSmith 08/29/2021 7:51 pm $6,100.00
Marybell 08/29/2021 7:51 pm $5,900.00
SLSmith 08/29/2021 7:50 pm $5,700.00
RMPerzee 08/29/2021 7:50 pm $5,500.00
SLSmith 08/29/2021 7:20 pm $5,300.00
Marybell 08/29/2021 5:36 pm $5,100.00
RMPerzee 08/29/2021 9:19 am $4,900.00
LHall 08/28/2021 9:47 pm $4,700.00
Jsprack 08/28/2021 9:46 pm $4,500.00 Auto
LHall 08/28/2021 9:46 pm $4,300.00
Jsprack 08/28/2021 7:20 pm $4,100.00
Marybell 08/28/2021 8:29 am $3,900.00
D B Cooper 08/23/2021 11:44 pm $3,700.00
Karen1969 08/18/2021 4:58 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 08/16/2021 7:47 pm
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