Aces Top Commander “Toby”

Joyce Taylor
Paron, AR 72122


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Joyce Taylor

Little Rock, AR







Star, Strip, Snip, LR Stocking,

Gaited, Fox Trotter, Canter, Trail Horse, Endurance Horse, Camping, Past Show Horse, Neck Reins, Traffic Safe, Crosses roads, bridges, rivers, ditches, logs, etc., Dog broke


Aces Top Commander, #10-96455, offered by auction, or “Toby,” a registered Missouri Fox Trotter gelding standing 14.2 hands tall. Toby is a brilliant red sorrel color with the same bright red mane and tail. He has one left rear sock and a star, and a snip. He turned 13 years old in April.

Toby is a well broke and safe horse. He is an exceptionally gaited horse with a smooth gait, fox trot, and canter. He is a very personable horse and is a pleasure to be around. He does a heartwarming, low nicker of greeting most every time he sees you. He will come to you in the pasture and follow you like a puppy. He stands nicely for mounting and dismounting, saddling and tacking, for baths, and for the farrier. He loads mannerly in the trailer and will back out without hesitation or fuss. He has never offered to buck or rear.

Toby has plenty of go. He will not quit you. He has been over some of the toughest and most steep terrains of the Ozark Mountains. He rides well alone and in small groups. He has a more competitive nature when riding in larger groups. He would prefer to be the lead horse, especially on two-track or more open paths. At a recent trail ride, he stood kindly in the group of horses as a welcome and introductions were made to the group, but as the host horse turned to lead the group, he was all ready and eager to get on the trail. The beginning of the ride was down a wide road, and he would have preferred to be out front, but as soon as we turned into the woods and onto a single-track trail, he relaxed and rode comfortably behind the horse in front of him. Due to this, I would not recommend him for a young, timid, or inexperienced rider – in groups. I love to ride him, and his style is always my pick over slow or lazy horses. I prefer not to have to wear spurs or to continually have to urge my horse to gait or keep up. In a second video, I have posted with his auction offering, video footage of me riding him in different large groups, and he is totally at ease.

I welcome you to come to my barn and meet and ride Toby either before or after his auction ends. The buyer’s comfort and happiness is my absolute goal. I would be happy to help you get to know Toby better and accompany you on varied trails and rides to ensure total comfort.

Toby was shown in Missouri Foxtrotter shows at a younger age. I feel like he would do well in the show ring still. In addition, I believe he would make a wonderful, gaited endurance horse. He has a beautiful natural headset and gaits wonderfully. He has a canter/lope to die for. He will pick up in a lope from almost a standstill. His lope is smooth and relaxed, and he will maintain that gait as long as you like and until asked to drop back down. In another of the attached videos, I am loping him bareback with ease. Toby has been exposed to almost everything. He has extensively been ridden, hauled, and handled. He has been taken camping alone and with groups at facilities with corrals and places with no amenities at all but pure boondocking. He is so easy to haul and travel with; it is a total joy. He will mannerly high tie, high line, and stake out. He eats well and drinks well on the road. He will cross roads, bridges, logs, ditches, streams, and rivers. He is good with traffic, farm and yard equipment, ATVs, golf carts, bicycles, etc. He has always been around dogs and pays them no mind, even when they are under or jumping on him. He is not a herd-bound horse but reasonably and pleasantly independent. He gets along well with assorted pasture mates, other gelding, and mares.

Again, if possible, please come and see and ride Toby. Please call or text with any questions or for additional information. Thanks for your consideration, and happy trails!

Winning Offer: $14,001.00

Joyce Taylor
Paron, AR 72122

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Cilka

Name Time Offer Auto
Cilka 07/24/2023 2:47 pm $14,001.00 Auto
Reviresco 07/24/2023 2:47 pm $14,000.00
Cilka 07/24/2023 2:46 pm $13,200.00 Auto
Reviresco 07/24/2023 2:46 pm $13,000.00
Cilka 07/24/2023 2:45 pm $12,400.00 Auto
Reviresco 07/24/2023 2:45 pm $12,200.00
Cilka 07/24/2023 2:44 pm $11,200.00 Auto
Reviresco 07/24/2023 2:44 pm $11,000.00
Cilka 07/24/2023 2:43 pm $10,400.00 Auto
Reviresco 07/24/2023 2:43 pm $10,200.00
Cilka 07/24/2023 9:59 am $8,600.00 Auto
bastabar 07/24/2023 9:59 am $8,400.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 2:20 pm $8,200.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 2:20 pm $8,000.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 2:20 pm $7,800.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 2:20 pm $7,600.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 2:19 pm $7,400.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 2:19 pm $7,200.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 2:18 pm $7,000.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 2:18 pm $6,800.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 2:18 pm $6,600.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 2:18 pm $6,400.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 11:55 am $6,200.00 Auto
Reviresco 07/23/2023 11:55 am $6,000.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 10:58 am $5,500.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 10:58 am $5,300.00
Cilka 07/23/2023 10:57 am $5,100.00 Auto
bastabar 07/23/2023 10:57 am $4,900.00
Cilka 07/21/2023 9:52 pm $4,700.00
Roger09 07/21/2023 9:52 pm $4,500.00 Auto
Roger09 07/09/2023 1:59 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 07/06/2023 5:42 pm
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