A Threat of Rowdy

Jade Hadfield
Ogden, Utah 84401


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Horse Details

Single Footing Horse

Jade Hadfield

Ogden, UT




15 1 1/2



Left hind sock, right hind half sock

Deluxe trail horse, gaited, kid safe


Legend is a head-turning dream horse deluxe! He is a beautiful 5-year-old 15 1 1/2 hand buckskin racking horse with an in-your-pocket attitude. He is very level-headed, kind, calm in all situations, and has a willing-to-please attitude. We’ve ridden Legend on busy roads, around cattle, in an arena, and in the mountains, both on trails and making our own. He’s seen moose, deer, elk, buffalo, hikers, bikers, cows, donkeys, and dogs, none of which phase him. He is the same horse in each environment. He is not at all spooky. If something catches his attention, he will slow down or stop to assess the object then moves on as nothing happened. Legend will cross bridges and water without hesitation.

Legend is SHOBA (single-footing horse owners and breeders association) registered by the great Coal Miner, who goes back to EZD’s Falcon Rowdy and out of a Standardbred mare.

Legend is the ultimate family horse that anyone can ride. He loves people and will meet you at the gate if he sees you coming with a halter. He will go slow and steady for kids, or if you’re looking for a more exhilarating ride, you can kick him into a faster, racking gait that is as smooth as glass and will cover some major ground. He will not go faster than he is asked. We have ridden Legend bareback, in a halter, and bridleless in the wide-open mountains. He responds to voice and foot commands in addition to being very responsive in the bridle. You can ride him in the front of the group, in the middle, in the back, or head off on your own.

Legend loads into the trailer by just pointing and kissing to him. He will go in and stand, waiting patiently for direction. He will back out or turn around. He travels in the trailer very calmly, both on his own and with other horses. He stands great for the farrier, for baths, and clipping. He is easy to give wormer to and will walk right into the stocks at the vet for annual teeth floating and sheath cleaning. He is up to date on all vaccinations, worming, teeth, and shoeing.

Jade Hadfield
Ogden, Utah 84401

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