Tracy Barns
Gravel Switch, KY 40328


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Tracy Barnes

Lebanon, KY






White Blaze, RH Stocking, LH Stocking

Trail Riding, Parades, Camping, Family Safe, 4-H, Overnight Tie Out


Everyone, meet Nash!

Nash is a Cremello Tennessee walking horse gelding with lots of chrome! Nash has a white blaze with two rear white socks! He is 15.2 hands tall.

A smooth, gaited trail deluxe, traffic-safe, stands-to-mount, and has parade experience. He sports two blue eyes, has the body type, and is stout enough to carry most riders easily. Most simply put, Nash possesses the best personality: Intelligent, Friendly, Reliable, Kind, Trustworthy, and Confident.

Nash loves attention and is gentle with both children and adults alike. He has been easy to catch every single time without fail with the simple whistle. I have turned Nash out to pasture for a couple of weeks at a time, caught him, taken him straight to the trail, and he rides unbelievably the same as if he had been ridden for hours the previous day. He is reliable enough to know that he will be as safe for you today as he will be next week, the following week, and months down the road.

Nash has been shown in 4-H and Saddle Club Horse shows. Nash has been camping overnight several times. Nash has a kind personality towards other horses. Whether while on the trail, at the barn, or in the trailer, Nash can rub noses or rear ends with another horse and not blink an eye. He is confident enough to step into any body of water, climb any bank or bluff, and head in any direction you point his head. Nash has no problem being around livestock, vehicles, or wildlife. Nash is surefooted and not clumsy whatsoever. He is the definition of confidence on the trail.

Not to be forgotten, Nash has the most pleasurable and extraordinary four-beat saddle gait you could ask to sit. He is soft on the bit and never gets in a hurry. Having said that, when you ask him to step up, he aims to please and will hold any speed you ask of him. He is also content enough to walk with his head dropped if that is more your speed.

Nash stands still to mount, tack up, and shoe for the farrier. He also stands quiet, whether on the ground or on his back. You can lay the reins on his neck, and he will stand like a gentleman in that position until you ask him to move or do otherwise. He loads and hauls well, crossties, and pickets. As mentioned above, I have had him turned out to pasture some, but have also had him stalled, and he is quiet and well-behaved in the stall.

Don’t just take my word for it; come try Nash out for yourself!

Tracy Barns
Gravel Switch, KY 40328

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