Tom’s Sweet Joe

Denise Conroy
Cedarville, MI 49719


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Horse Details

American Curly Horse

Denise Conroy

Cedarville, MI



Red Roan




Star, LH Sock

Running Walk, Gaited, Trail Horse, Bareback, Obstacles, Town & Traffic Safe.


Tom’s Sweet Joe, ICHO 2168-D/ ABCR-CB31

Remarkable 15-year-old, 14.2h Gaited Curly gelding.

“Never heard of a Curly Horse? Curly horses are known for being hypoallergenic to those who suffer from horse allergies. They also have a dog-like personality with intelligence and stamina, surefooted with hard feet, and more! Their winter coat is abundant in curls, curly eyelashes, curly fetlocks, mane, and tail. Their body curls shed to a smooth coat in the summertime. For more information, contact me.

Suggested Buyer Criteria: Natural horsemanship knowledge, advanced beginner/intermediate rider, someone who’s seeking a true partner who will use and enjoy him, and ideally, ample room to run and be with other horses.

Thank you! My recommended hauler can be found in my seller’s profile.

Hello, my name is Joe, and I am 15 years old and 14.2h.
I’ve been a significant part of Tom & Denise’s life for over five years.
I am a beautiful red roan GAITED CURLY MFT Gelding. Yep, I am unique & RARE!
Denise says I am a very special curly horse and promised to work hard to make sure I find the perfect home. =]
So, about me: 
I am very relational! I love humans as well as my herd mates, and I get along and bond easily. I really love kids, and I love to be brushed. Denise calls me her “greeter,” as anyone can come into the pasture at any time, and I am the first to approach and last to leave. Catch me anywhere…..well, heck, I’ll catch you! Denise would come into the corral a few times and read a book, and I’d stand beside her and fall asleep. I love to be close to my humans!!
Denise has exposed me to many things that SHE feels are scary, but they aren’t at all scary to me! Umbrellas, tarps, dead animals, dragging plastic bags, cows, traffic, tractors, bikes…I even LOVE baths! Denise uses warm water, though, and I really like that.
If you want a ploddy, dull horse, that is not me. I am not like Denise’s other curly Bear. I can outwalk that old guy any day and find him boring! I have heard it said that I am “fun & forward.” Yep, that’s me! Personality plus! But I also take my job with my human very seriously.
I love any and all people, young and old, BUT, for me and my human to be happy, I need a good rider who is comfortable with a more forward horse. If you pull too much on my mouth or use too much rein, I will toss my head and get braced.  Just let me go, and I’ll take care of you!  I love water, rode the beaches, and will walk over bridges, through creeks, and anywhere you point me! I am also respectful of the horses around me. I enjoy dogs on the trail with me. If they are in my pasture, I might act silly and chase them a little because I think it’s funny! I’d never hurt them!
Denise says I have excellent ground manners! I am not pushy and respond lightly to ground aids. I will also stand tied for hours without fuss. I enjoy trailer rides, even if I am hauled by myself. I am great with the vet, dentist, and farrier; they really like me!
My ideal living situation would be outdoor living with a run-in or shelter.  I am respectful of any and all fencing.  I don’t mind a stall, but I am a tough guy and prefer being outside and breathing the fresh air! ….and especially being together with my buddies.
I have been with Denise and Tom for approximately five years. When I came to their home, I had no history of my sire or dam, but Denise worked super hard to help me find them. They found my sire through three DNA tests: ABCR, ICHO, and the MFTHA! Walker’s Prince T no II. I carry the SP6 gene. Denise says whoever brought me into this world knew what they were doing!
I have very nice conformation and incredibly hard, curly feet that don’t require shoes. My hooves never crack or chip, and I have curls everywhere! I keep my mane and tail all year, and I am gaited! Denise says I have the sweetest running walk/foxtrot she has ever ridden. I will W/T/C.
I am strong and healthy. Never been sick the whole time I’ve been with Denise & Tom: no abscess or lameness. I feel like a youngster! I am UTD on floats, trimming, deworming, and vaccinations. (Although Denise doesn’t believe in many vaccinations, it’s just Tetanus for me.)
I acclimate quickly to new surroundings and other horses. I love them all. I’ve been at the bottom or middle of the pecking order here.
You need to know one thing about me: I love trail riding but prefer not to go out alone. The best trail experiences I have had are with groups. In the middle is my favorite, but I’ll go behind, too. Like I say, I like my peeps.
I can do so much more than trail, though! And I hope my new family will do various things with me! I especially love clinics, obstacle courses, team penning, etc. It is interesting to me and not scary at all!!! Of course, I am with other horses and people, too, which is my favorite place to be. I am not a loner!
Oh, I don’t really want to tell you this, but Denise would say not to feed me grain or treats. I get very silly with those! If you want to give me vitamins, just a little handful of soaked beet pulp is best. She also feeds me loose Himalayan salt that has selenium & other minerals in it, which she says is good for me. I eat free choice hay (and never get fat! Yay for me!) in a round bale with a net over it. I don’t mind it at all.
They explained that they needed to find me a new home because I was not getting the attention I deserved. And I am valuable, and I need more. And I do!  Denise & Tom’s grandchildren LOVE me, but it will be years by the time they are old enough to ride me, and I’d just be sitting til then. (the kids live a long way away too)  If I say so myself, I am a very EASY, tough & wonderful, sweet guy who requires very little maintenance. All I need is LOVE! Are you ready to be my new partner? If so, contact Denise; she will tell you more about me.

Denise Conroy
Cedarville, MI 49719

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