Vickie Metzinger
Fort Collins, CO 80528


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Vickie Metzinger

Fort Collins, CO






Four black stockings, Dun stripe

Trail, Ranch Work, Gymkhana, started at Barrels


Moose is a one-in-a-million 4-year-old gelding. This special boy has been a gentleman and a willing student from day one. As all I knew when I got him was he knew some groundwork and had been saddled, I started over. He never offered to be skittish or spooky. I hopped on him after two days with no issues. He is a gorgeous, good mind, and has a cuddly puppy dog personality. He loves people!! Loves to be groomed, rubbed, and even hugs you back. He gets along well with other horses and fits right in with the herd from day 1. He’s happy to be in the middle of the pecking order. He has been my ride-or-die trail partner since his 30th ride. He has never offered to bolt, buck, or rear. More whoa than go, but will move out when asked. He has been exposed to dogs, wildlife, crossing logs, up and down terrain, narrow tree-lined areas, water, strollers, bikes, running/screaming children, fishing poles, and even the sonic boom sound of the train track expanding. No spook. Sure-footed with nice hard feet that can walk on rocks without needing shoes. He has impeccable ground manners; the vet and farrier will appreciate him. He ties, bathes, loads, picks up his feet, and shots /wormer and fly spray don’t faze him. He stands still for mounting from the ground or block and sits until you tell him to go. He will stand quietly under the saddle without jigging. He has all three gaits with the correct leads loping. He can transition up and down smoothly, roll over his forequarters and hindquarters, trot, and lope nice round circles well balanced. I have ridden him holding a large flag, dragging a large log over ground poles, walking over and standing on a tarp on a very windy day, and all over the trails. He has started to side pass and open/close the arena gate. I introduced him to the barrel pattern, and he seemed like he enjoyed it. I have started teaching neck reining. This sweet soul is ready for his forever home to take him to his full potential. His gentleness and quiet attitude will make him a wonderful kid/husband horse with a few more miles under his belt. He will make a trustworthy trail companion, ranch horse, pleasure, or gymkhana/Playday horse. He’s a fast learner and smart as a whip. He’s a young horse with an older horse brain and feel. If you’re looking for your next in your pocket, all around, with room to go in many directions, moose is your guy.

Vickie Metzinger
Fort Collins, CO 80528


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