Trysten Park/Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80525


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Trysten Park & Thea Bekkedahl

Fort Collins, CO


Sooty Buckskin Paint




Dappled. Paint, RF stocking, RH stocking, LF sock, LH stocking

Roping, Western pleasure, Shorting, Trail, Mountain, Pack, Jumping, English, Cows


Memphis is a one-in-a-million horse!
This amazing guy has been a ton of fun to ride and take everywhere. He sure is a looker! As well as being gorgeous, he has a good mind with a hardworking and friendly personality. He gets along well with other horses and people! Memphis has been the horse I would choose first to go on tough rides for hours up into the mountains or quick trail rides along the Poudre trail that leads right into town! He has never bolted, buck, or reared under any circumstances. Memphis has truly been tested with it all! He has been exposed to dogs, bikes, cows, crossing logs, up and down mountains, narrow ridges, water, strollers, runners, cars, trucks, and trains. Memphis is as sure-footed as they come. He’ll go down the steepest of hills, watching every step, all while making sure he keeps you on top of him. He ground ties and post ties, bathes, loads, picks up his feet, is easy for shots /wormer and fly spray, stands still for mounting from the ground or block, and sits until you tell him to go. Memphis has been used for lots of cattle drives, Branding, and ranch sorting national championships! He has an incredible rollback and is quick on his feet.
Memphis has all three gaits with the correct leads, great transitions, neck reins like a pro, and has quite a handle.
We have ridden him holding a flag and a tarp and even roped and dragged barrels off him and cows.
Memphis also has a knack for jumping and has thoroughly enjoyed my little sisters jumping him!
We have jumped him up to 2’3 with minimal work, athletic ability, and scope to go Immensely higher!
He’ll be an amazing horse for any level rider, and would trust him with anyone who can climb onto him!
Whatever you ask this horse to do, he’ll do it without thinking twice.
He has the ability to go in any direction you’d like to go as a horseman! From being a ranch, pleasure, gymkhana/Playday horse or taking your kiddos safely out on the trail.
He’s a very fast learner, the first to meet you at the gate, and one of those in-your-pocket type of horses!
Come check this gentleman out!

Trysten Park/Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80525

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