Gen U Wine Shine “Sierra”

Chris Boyer
Clermont, FL 34715


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Chris Boyer

Clermont, FL








Trail, Pleasure, Show, Obstacles


Gen U Wine Shine, AKA Sierra, is a stunning AQHA mare. She is ten years old and just shy of 15 hands tall. She is perfect if you are looking for a show horse to catch everyone’s eye or just the most beautiful horse on the trail! Sierra has it all; looks, mind, and personality. She is the sweetest horse and doesn’t have any rude, disrespectful, or dangerous behaviors. She is easy to catch, good for the farrier, stands tied, loads easily, and enjoys being around. She rides in a snaffle or one-handed in a leverage bit. She walks, trots, and canters under the saddle. She stands quiet to mount, vertically and laterally soft, backs up softly, yields her hips, and develops a turnaround. She is great with obstacles, loves going out, and rides quietly in the arena. She is very versatile and could be taken in any direction.

Winning Offer: $10,000.00

Chris Boyer
Clermont, FL 34715

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Aoibhe Marie

Name Time Offer Auto
Aoibhe Marie 07/12/2023 4:34 pm $10,000.00 Auto
Aoibhe Marie 07/12/2023 4:27 pm $9,700.00 Auto
Deer Fields 07/12/2023 4:27 pm $9,500.00
Aoibhe Marie 07/12/2023 4:25 pm $8,700.00 Auto
Deer Fields 07/12/2023 4:25 pm $8,500.00
Aoibhe Marie 07/12/2023 1:18 pm $6,700.00 Auto
Anoncrn33 07/12/2023 1:18 pm $6,500.00
Aoibhe Marie 07/12/2023 1:08 pm $6,300.00 Auto
Anoncrn33 07/12/2023 1:08 pm $6,100.00
Aoibhe Marie 07/11/2023 4:42 pm $5,900.00
eswann01 07/05/2023 5:31 am $5,700.00
Aoibhe Marie 07/05/2023 5:31 am $5,500.00 Auto
Aoibhe Marie 07/05/2023 5:28 am $5,300.00 Auto
eswann01 07/05/2023 5:28 am $5,100.00
Aoibhe Marie 07/03/2023 9:33 am $4,900.00
GailHope 07/03/2023 9:33 am $4,700.00 Auto
GailHope 06/29/2023 5:00 pm $4,500.00
Sale Started 06/28/2023 6:20 pm

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