Bright Summer Sunrise “Canyon”

Jodi Powell
Harrison, AR 72601


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Horse Details

Missouri Fox Trotter

Jodi Powell

Harrison, AR

Yes (see description for details)






Star; Snip; LH, RH,RF Socks; Right Blue Eye

Trail Riding, Gaited, High Water Crossing, Side passing, Jumping


Canyon is a 9-year-old MO fox trotter. We have a picture of his papers but don’t have them on hand. His registered name is Bright Summer Sunrise. Canyon has one blue eye and one brown eye. He is a been there done that kind of horse. He’ll do anything you ask! He loves water and baths. He stands completely still to bridle, saddle, and groom. Stands still to mount and dismount. If you get up on anything, he’ll slide right over to you for you to get on. He’s very sure-footed and never stumbles. Doesn’t spook easy. Canyon gets road miles every week. I’ve ridden him when it was thundering, lightning, and raining and when it’s dark, and he never gets scared. He’s just the perfect trail horse! Although Canyon is great around children and not scared of hardly anything, he’s not a beginner’s horse! He has lots of energy and go. He needs someone who knows what they’re doing. He loads and unloads as he should. He doesn’t mind fly spray at all. Canyons get along great with everyone. He’s been around many dogs, cats, chickens, goats, cows, other horses, buffaloes, tractors, 2-stroke dirt bikes, wheelers, skid steers, and backhoes. He’s been in parades and around lots of other horses. He’s truly a been there-done that kind of guy!! He rides in a big group or off alone with absolutely no problems. He’ll go up any kinda hill I point him at and down any slope. He side-passes really well to the right, and he’ll do the left, just not as good. He backs super well and very fast. Canyon is very smooth and really sweet. He stands tied. Picks up all feet well, and the fairer never has any problem. He has no bad habits like kicking, biting, or bucking. I’ve been riding him for 5+ years, and he’s never bucked one time with me on him. The only negative thing about him is that he can be a little hard to catch; it never takes me more than a few minutes with a treat, and sometimes he’ll just come right up to me with nothing. If he’s in a small pin, you’ll have no problems. You are very welcome to ride Canyon! Local pickup. Call or text if you have any questions or want more videos or pictures.

Jodi Powell
Harrison, AR 72601

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