Shaun Rigby
Del Norte, CO 81132


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Shaun Rigby

Del Norte, CO






Star, Strip, Snip, LR Sock, RR Coronet

Trail, Pleasure, Ranch, All Around


Fizz was born, imprinted, raised & trained right here, so there is absolutely NO guessing to be done in regards to her history, health, or experience. She has been ridden around farm equipment, trains, and ATV’s; over tarps, bridges, and ditches; through neighborhoods with barking dogs, traffic & noisy little people; around dirtbikes, gunfire, side-by-sides, goats, elk, cattle, yak, dogs, deer, semi-trucks, drones and highway traffic with no issues. She has also been ridden hundreds of miles in the Colorado Rockies and has encountered just about every type of obstacle you might find out on the trail. She LOVES adventuring and her confidence really shines while out on the trail. She will lead, follow or go out alone without any issues. For those wanting a horse to use on overnight camping/hunting trips, you’ll be glad to know that she is also hobble broke, Highline savvy, respectful of portable electric fencing, AND she doubles as a packhorse !! Fizz is sure-footed and easily travels over steep slopes, high and narrow mountain trails, across creeks, through mud, snow, and over downed trees; maneuvering through all types of rough terrain smoothly and without hesitation. She has a ground covering walk, the nicest rocking chair lope I’ve ever ridden, and is ALWAYS ready to go on an adventure.

Fizz is proficient in the Clinton Anderson fundamentals and has always been a personable, forgiving, and willing little horse. She is soft in the bridle, moves well off of leg pressure and her neck reining is coming along nicely. She rides in a halter, hack, or snaffle; western, bareback, or English (though her English experience is limited). She is easy to catch in the pasture but truth be told, she’s usually waiting at the gate anytime there are people around. She is easy to vaccinate, worm, shoe, load, unload, and is an easy keeper. She also has no history of colic or founder, has never been cinchy or cold-backed, and does not crib or weave.

Fizz is truly wise beyond her years and with an entire lifetime ahead of her, she has much to offer her future “person”. For those interested, she can be registered with the American Quarter Horse Registry at the buyer’s expense.

You are welcome to contact me via telephone or text to request additional video, vet, farrier, or chiropractor references; for more details or to set up an appointment to meet Fizz.

Payment is expected within 48 hours of the auction closing and I will include board for up to two weeks, free of charge, while shipping is arranged. I can also assist with finding a shipper if need be.

Thank you for considering Fizz and Happy Horse Shopping ????

Winning Offer: $10,500.00

Shaun Rigby
Del Norte, CO 81132

Make an Offer by Phone- Please Contact Thehorsebay

Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Thindmarsh

Name Time Offer Auto
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 11:02 am $10,500.00
Aurla 01/30/2022 11:01 am $10,300.00
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 10:57 am $10,100.00
Louisa 01/30/2022 10:56 am $9,900.00
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 10:56 am $9,700.00
Aurla 01/30/2022 10:55 am $9,500.00 Auto
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 10:55 am $9,400.00
Aurla 01/30/2022 10:54 am $9,200.00
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 10:54 am $9,000.00 Auto
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 7:26 am $8,700.00
Aurla 01/30/2022 6:59 am $8,500.00
Thindmarsh 01/30/2022 5:46 am $8,300.00
Garce 01/30/2022 4:26 am $8,100.00
Aurla 01/30/2022 4:26 am $8,000.00 Auto
Aurla 01/29/2022 9:04 am $7,900.00
wrangler2 01/29/2022 8:02 am $7,700.00
Aurla 01/29/2022 8:01 am $7,500.00 Auto
wrangler2 01/29/2022 8:01 am $7,450.00
Aurla 01/29/2022 7:58 am $7,250.00 Auto
wrangler2 01/29/2022 7:58 am $7,050.00
Aurla 01/29/2022 7:03 am $6,850.00
wrangler2 01/29/2022 6:55 am $6,650.00
Aurla 01/29/2022 6:55 am $6,500.00 Auto
Aurla 01/29/2022 6:06 am $6,450.00
wrangler2 01/29/2022 5:08 am $6,250.00
Aurla 01/27/2022 7:00 am $6,050.00
Thindmarsh 01/27/2022 7:00 am $6,000.00 Auto
Thindmarsh 01/27/2022 3:54 am $5,700.00
Aurla 01/27/2022 3:53 am $5,500.00 Auto
Thindmarsh 01/27/2022 3:53 am $5,400.00
Aurla 01/25/2022 8:20 am $5,200.00
SuzieQ 01/25/2022 8:20 am $5,000.00 Auto
SuzieQ 01/21/2022 2:57 am $4,900.00
Newhorse0211 01/20/2022 12:38 am $4,700.00
TrueMule21 01/18/2022 8:29 am $4,500.00 Auto
alspall 01/18/2022 8:29 am $4,400.00
TrueMule21 01/16/2022 3:32 am $4,200.00
Newhorse0211 01/15/2022 6:49 am $4,000.00
Crazy-Horse 01/15/2022 6:49 am $3,900.00 Auto
Crazy-Horse 01/14/2022 6:13 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 01/11/2022 9:15 pm

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