Roanin Mywhiskey “Theo”

Melissa Kepler
Fishtail, MT 59028


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Horse Details

Brabant Quarter Horse Cross (IDSR Draftcross Sporthorse)

Melissa Kepler

Fishtail, MT


IDSHR - 202102917

Bay Roan




Connected Star, Strip, Snip, LH Fetlock, RH Sock

Trail riding, Ranch Riding, Horsemanship, Family Horse, Kids horse, All-Around, Versatility, Cattle work, Branding, Sorting, Roping, Parade horse, Queen Horse, Royalty, Western Pleasure, Backyard Pet



Roanin Mywhiskey

2015 Brabant/QH (Draft Cross) Gelding for Sale

If you love a big beefcake of a horse that is as sweet as he is strong, then Theo is your guy. There isn’t enough space to describe how amazing this special horse is. Theo is one of the rare horses to have qualified to cross the block in THE Premier horse sale of 2022, Diamonds in the Desert. Like a premier diamond, he exhibits perfect scores in the “4 C’s:” Color, Chrome, Confidence, and Charisma. Throw in Character, Courage, Confirmation, and Chunkiness; this guy checks all the boxes! He’s super broke with loads of experience and renowned trainers on his resume. He’s sound and healthy; if you couldn’t tell it looking at him, he’s an easy keeper. And to top it all off, he has a big puppy-dog personality, making him the most versatile horse you could own. He’s hardy and handy enough to do a tough day’s work on the ranch, fancy enough in his training and movements to excel in a show ring in either Western or English, and gentle and easy enough to be the perfect trail companion for anyone who likes a fun ride, from a little kid to someone who has never been on a horse before to a skilled rider who can appreciate all his buttons. He’s even broke to drive (or so I’m told).

Theo is a 2015 Brabant / Quarter Horse draft cross gelding registered by DNA with the International Draft and Sporthorse Registry. At eight years old, he is at that absolutely perfect age – old enough to have seen some good experiences, yet with his whole life laid out before him. He’s 15.2 Hands and estimated at about 1800 pounds – a hunka, hunka, burning bay roan. With a pretty dark head, flashy white socks, a big thick silver mane and tail, and the most gorgeous silver roaning you’ve ever seen, Theo turns heads everywhere he goes. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Theo hams it up for his fans and is always delighted by all the attention he attracts. If you want to get noticed on the trail or in the arena, or if you like a big, soggy ride, you’ll never find another as stunning as Theo.

Training and Experience: Theo was originally Amish bred and trained in Kentucky, then worked a few years on a dude ranch in Idaho and found himself going through Running P Performance Horses’ rigorous program under Ryland Lufkin in Arizona to prepare him for Diamonds in the Desert. I have owned him just under a year, and this summer, he completed 60 days with trainer Trevor Deal of Real Deal Horses at the Cottonwood Equestrian Center in Montana for some working ranch horse training and fine-tuning some of his Western riding skills. He lopes pretty circles and knows his leads. He can back and side pass, work gates, and he’ll stride out to catch a runaway calf or collect up nicely when asked. He’s soft in the bridle and has a nice one-handed neck rein, and he’ll bend more than you’d think such a side of beef can bend. At 15.2 hands, you have the benefit of riding a big horse, but you don’t have to tear your pants getting on. However, if you’re not as spry as you once were (or if you’re seven years old and 40 pounds), Theo will side pass on command up to a stump or rock or mounting block for you to climb aboard. I don’t know if he has any English experience, but he’d be a fabulous dressage horse with his long, floaty stride.

Personality: Theo’s charm is as big as he is. He is as friendly and outgoing as a Labrador puppy on the ground. He’ll come running in a giant pasture to greet you and follow you around as you do your business. Groom him and pick all four feet without putting on a halter. He’ll bathe, clip, stand tied all day, and load into any trailer without a fuss. He is extremely intelligent and quick to learn new skills. His confidence and natural laid-back attitude allow him to adapt seamlessly to new situations, and he enjoys challenges and pleasing his person. He will give his all to whatever task is given, and although he’s not going to be the fastest horse in a race, he’s got all the try and work ethic you could dream of. He’s a calm and confident horse on the trail. He doesn’t get buddy or barn sour and leads or follows without any drama. He’ll happily stride out alone or lead a team and ponies others like a track pony. (I’ve used him at Gymkhanas as the “track pony” for my oldest daughter’s barrel horse that gets wacky every time he enters the arena.) I know many people who advertise their horses as “bombproof;” Theo might be the first horse I’ve ever met that is as close to bombproof as one could get truly. I’ve literally never seen him spook, and trust me. My kids expose our horses to more chaos than they’d get in riot training. You could shoot firecrackers under him, and he would enjoy the attention.

Health and Feet: Theo just got his first set of shoes since I’ve owned him; he’s been barefoot the past year, even during all his ranch work at Cottonwood. He has fantastic strong hooves and all the bones and legs to stay sound for a long career. He got full teeth-n-sheath care under sedation this past May and is up to date on vaccines and wormer. This horse would stay beautifully plump on air alone; he’s currently just on pasture.

Cons: In the interest of full disclosure and finding Theo the wonderful home such a special guy deserves, I need to point out the few areas where Theo could use more work. When being ridden by a little kid, Theo can err on the slow side. He’ll lope for them if they peddle him along, but he’s not nearly as responsive to them as he is to adults. I can’t say whether he’s looking for a loophole or just tuning out all the superfluous movements kids make, but I don’t find him acting this way with inexperienced adults. It’s always said that it’s easier to speed up a slow horse than slow down a fast horse, and I trust Theo to make safe choices with the little ones. The second problem Theo can demonstrate is a poor understanding of the concept of personal space. He wants to be in your pocket all the time, which is adorable and charming, and he’s aware of where he’s putting his feet and big body, but sometimes he can be a bit of a pest if you’re trying to fix a fence and he’s nuzzling your neck or playing with your tools. The only other challenge to owning Theo is that he is a very dominant horse in the herd. He’s not crazy or mean, and I’ve never seen him be dangerous, but he does enjoy pushing everyone around at dinnertime when he’s in a corral with other horses. I’ve had him in a large pasture with mares and geldings and in a small pen with three other geldings, and he can hog the feeder and throw some pretty dirty looks around. You don’t get a figure like that without taking meals seriously.

I am proud to offer Theo for sale this fall. Please don’t hesitate to ask if you would like to know more about this amazing horse or if you’d like to come out to Fishtail, Montana, to try him out before the auction ends.

Melissa Kepler
Fishtail, MT 59028

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