The Banker “Bank”

Austin Kunkler
Tompkinsville, KY 42167


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Austin kunkler

Tompkinsville, KY







Driving, Trail horse, Mounted patrol, Coon hunting, Squirrel hunting, Lessons, All around pleasure, Gaited


Banker is an 8-year-old MFT gelding that stands 15.1hh! Now let’s dive into this amazing horse’s personality; Bank is amazing; he’s truly The quietest horse I’ve ever had the privilege of promoting! Bank stands for bull whips, guns, tarps, etc. Nothing phases this gelding! If you are in the market for SAFE, I can assure you this is the horse that will fulfill your dreams of being able to feel comfortable while in the saddle bank has a nice fox trot gait that’s smooth. He’s been on overnight camping trips and many miles of trails! He’s been there and done that! Picks all his hooves up with ease! You can literally crawl all over bank, and he won’t even flinch! Bank would be a great horse for lessons or for someone who is just starting; he’s beginner safe! He swims in deep water holes, crosses logs, tarps, creeks, etc. I can not promote this gelding enough; you will love him when you get him home, and you can ride with confidence! If you’ve searched all over for a horse to throw your kid on and have the satisfaction of feeling SAFE, this is your guy! We’ve exposed him to all of the elements! Please don’t hesitate to call me to arrange to see him and try him out! You won’t be disappointed! Bank stands to be saddled, leads, loads, and ties perfect! Quite in his stall, he’s truly a UNICORN! I want to mention that he’s the perfect size for anyone; he’s THICK, and he’s spent a lot of time pulling a buggy as well as riding; he’s the best of both worlds! My 6-year-old daughter has crawled all over this nice gelding. He’s amazing! Payment is expected within 24 hours of the close of the auction.

Austin Kunkler
Tompkinsville, KY 42167

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