Struttin’ Her Stuff “Shea”

Rebekah Rosa
Newburg, MO 65550


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Rebekah Rosa

Newburg, MO








Gaited, Athletic, Endurance, Sure footed, Trail Riding, Picks up rider. Backs up, Trailers, Teachable, Beautiful and lovable!


Shea is a 4-year-old registered Missouri Foxtrotter mare. She stands 15 hands tall and is a beautiful bay. I have worked with her for the past year and a half and have ridden her all over. Our farm joins the national forest, so trail options are endless. We also live in the Ozark Hills, so the terrain and trails we go on are very diverse—fields, massive hills/mountains, rocky footing, creek crossings, rivers, etc. Shea will go wherever I ask her. She is a very athletic and a high endurance horse. She is a lot of fun on the trials and can keep going all day. Other horses wear out, and Shea can still go on continuously, keeping a steady, smooth pace. Shea is also very sure-footed in all terrain. She can go off by herself or with a group. She is good in the front, alongside, or behind other horses on the trails. She also has no problem leaving or splitting up from other horses. I have done all sorts of desensitizing, such as tarp work, bouncing balls, dragging stuff, etc. She backs up and is very good at picking her rider up at a mounting block or any other object you want to use for mounting. Shea is good at picking her feet up, trailering, and is calm for grooming. The biggest training method I use when training horses is pressure and release. Although Shea is a really good horse and can make someone an amazing riding partner, I wouldn’t recommend her as a beginner horse. Because she has so much go and energy, she needs someone with experience riding. We believe Shea would excel in mountain riding or endurance riding. She is one awesome and beautiful girl.

If you’re interested in Shea, we highly recommended you come and meet her and go on a ride. Rebekah will be available to show Shea to anyone interested until August 5th. Please call to schedule an appointment. We look forward to meeting you.

We have an Airbnb on my grandparent’s farm next to ours. If you are coming from out of town and would like to book a stay, make sure to check it out. You can book directly from the links below. There are actually two beautiful house options available to look at

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We also have a YouTube channel (Homestead Horsemanship) if you want to check it out and learn more about us, our farm, and our horses. Shea has a few videos up on the channel. Most of them are from when she first started training. You can go and watch those to get an idea of the training methods used with her.
If you have any questions and /or want to meet Shea, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Rebekah Rosa.


Rebekah Rosa
Newburg, MO 65550

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