Storms Ali Cat

Jessica Aspenwall
Wykoff, MN 55990


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Horse Details

Spotted Saddle Horse

Jessica Aspenwall

Wykoff, MN







Tobiano, Wide blaze, White legs, Sides.

Trail horse, Obstacles, Parades, Pleasure riding, Fun shows, Gaited


Ali Cat is a gorgeous black and white tobiano registered Spotted Saddle Horse. This nice mare has the wow factor in both her unique color and stunning movement.

Ali cat has spent many hours outside and down the trail. She crosses anything in her path: water, downfall, bridges, tarps, brush, etc. Ali is confident leading in front, riding in the middle, or following behind. Ali has a beautiful gate that is smooth as butter and will last all day. Ali will ride at your speed; she will walk nicely with the quarter horse riders as well as keep pace with her own gaited friends.

Ali will trot and gait, as well as lope. She has great breaks and a good reverse.

Ali easily moves through our trail course here at home, including a teeter-totter bridge. She rides bareback and in a halter. Ali is truly so much fun to ride; absolutely a barn favorite. Suitable for almost any confident rider.

Ali cat loads into the trailer smoothly and backs out. We have taken Ali camping; she does well tied out or in a stall. UTD with vet and farrier care. 100% sound with current vet exam. We are happy to help arrange hauling to anywhere! FMI call/text.

Winning Offer: $6,000.00

Jessica Aspenwall
Wykoff, MN 55990

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ticlark 10/04/2023 3:31 pm $6,000.00
TColorado 10/04/2023 3:28 pm $5,800.00
ticlark 10/04/2023 3:27 pm $5,600.00 Auto
TColorado 10/04/2023 3:27 pm $5,500.00
ticlark 10/04/2023 3:27 pm $5,300.00 Auto
TColorado 10/04/2023 3:27 pm $5,100.00
ticlark 10/01/2023 10:19 pm $4,900.00 Auto
Nrl95 10/01/2023 10:19 pm $4,700.00
ticlark 10/01/2023 3:54 pm $4,500.00 Auto
Nrl95 10/01/2023 3:54 pm $4,300.00
ticlark 10/01/2023 3:53 pm $4,100.00 Auto
Nrl95 10/01/2023 3:53 pm $3,900.00
ticlark 09/30/2023 4:41 pm $3,700.00
Nrl95 09/24/2023 4:11 pm $3,500.00
Sale Started 09/20/2023 6:57 pm

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