Royal Traveler Miss Molly (Molly)

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Becca Steinbrink
Chatfield, MN 55923
(612) 290-5627


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Becca Steinbrink

Chatfield, MN







Star; Left rear sock; Right rear pastern

Trail riding, Clearing trails, Checking cattle and fences, Roping, natural horsemanship training


Royal Traveler Miss Molly, a.ka “Molly”, is one of the most fun-gaited horses I’ve ridden. She gaits great, is very smooth, and is handy and athletic as a quarter horse. Molly is very light and responsive to cues and has tons of try no matter what task you are asking of her. We have used Molly all over our ranch, checking fences, and cattle, clearing trails, and bringing up other horses from the pasture. She is very confident on the trails and goes through anything and everything. Molly knows all the Clinton Anderson fundamentals on the ground and under saddle. She moves over toward you for mounting and will also bow on command! Molly is a blast to ride if you know the controls; it only takes light pressure to get her to do what you want; that being said, she is not recommended for a beginner. She is great for all cares, stands tied, trailers, stands for farrier, and baths.

Current offer: $6,200.00

Contact Seller For More Information
Becca Steinbrink
Chatfield, MN 55923
(612) 290-5627

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Ending On: 11/26/2022 2:00 pm

Timezone: America/Chicago

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Minnie 11/25/2022 10:07 am $6,200.00
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parkjcp10 11/24/2022 2:44 pm $5,600.00
Baley 11/23/2022 9:12 am $5,400.00
dymonds 11/22/2022 6:27 pm $5,200.00
parkjcp10 11/22/2022 6:27 pm $5,000.00 Auto
parkjcp10 11/17/2022 4:20 pm $4,900.00
dymonds 11/17/2022 4:20 pm $4,700.00 Auto
dymonds 11/16/2022 2:38 pm $4,600.00
Patti 1018 11/15/2022 10:26 pm $4,400.00
IslandGirl61 11/14/2022 5:50 pm $4,200.00
Horsemama89 11/14/2022 5:49 pm $4,000.00 Auto
IslandGirl61 11/14/2022 5:49 pm $3,900.00
Horsemama89 11/14/2022 5:32 pm $3,700.00
IslandGirl61 11/14/2022 3:31 pm $3,500.00
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