Red Jacks Bar

Austin Kunkler
Tompkinsville, KY 42167


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Austin Kunkler

Tompkinsville, KY








All Around, Athletic, Barrel, Barrel Racing, Beginner, Calf Roping, Cutting, Cutting Prospect, Dressage, Kid Safe, Natural Horsemanship Training, Penning, Ranch, Ranch Work, Roping, Steer Roping


Red is a gelding that stands 14.3 hh and has plenty of shape and size to boot. Red is a horse that has seen a lot of miles in the backcountry. Red has been on many overnight camping trips and is a joy to be around. This gelding neck rein works off leg cues and has a nice reverse. When asked, Red will step into a smooth, short lope, or long trot if you’d like him to! Red was started correctly at the age of 2. Before being ridden, Red was led on many trails and saw many obstacles. Don’t let age fool you; this gelding’s pedigree is packed with the best Pitzer Ranch breeding can offer! Red was born on the Double Bar D ranch in Nebraska! This colt is correct in every corner of his body! Red has tracked the dummy in the arena and will track a live steer in the pasture. He has spent time at a feed lot here in Kentucky, loading trucks and getting used to Dr. Sick cattle.

Red will hold a rope all day without hesitation! Red crosses logs, water, etc., with ease. You can crack whips, wave flags, and tarp on Red. He’s the laid-back type of horse with a great mind between his ears! Red easily picks up all his hooves and stands to mount and dismount. He also stands to be saddled and enjoys bath time and being groomed! Anyone in the world can get along with this horse. He has his whole life ahead of him. His pedigree is loaded. He’s correct. He’s 100% sound. He rides like a dream. He’s ready to hit the trails or go to work! Red isn’t broken down or worn out; he’s ready to live his life and be your dream horse!

Austin Kunkler
Tompkinsville, KY 42167

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