Waland & Lynne Burger
Stockton, MO 65785


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter (MFTHBA)

Waland & Lynne Burger

Stockton, MO


13-100232 DNA

Smokey Black




Blaze, RF Half Stocking; LH, RH Half Stockings

Experienced, Foundation, Flashy, Gaited, Longe Line, Natural Horsemanship Training, Ranch, Ranch Versatility, Ranch Work, Ridden Western, Roping, Trail Riding, Trained, Western Riding, Working Cattle, Working


“BANDERO” definitely stands out in a crowd!
This handsome, gaited Missouri Fox Trotter was born and raised at our Big Barn Ranch in Stockton, Missouri. Bandero is an experienced trail and ranch horse that is willing to keep learning and easy to teach. Bandero is 11 years old, Smokey Black, registered, and DNA. He stands 15.3, has a strong build, and will be a great mount and companion for any experienced rider. He was born and raised with us except for two years when he was sold to a wonderful lady. But she developed cancer and could not ride him, so we took him home. Since then, he has been acquiring new skills with our select trainers using Natural Horsemanship skills to develop the “thinking” side of his mind and keep him fit. This has been good for Bandero as he has had more exposure to multiple riders while acquiring new skills. Bandero has a smooth flat foot walk, fox trot, running walk, and canter. He is very smart and sensitive to cues from your seat and legs. He is patient and kind and fits in with other horses.
He is a very versatile Fox Trotter. We could take him to Tractor Supply, but we prefer to use our truck! He is also a great companion horse. Loves people and attention. He respects your personal space and is polite. You
will enjoy just hanging out with him. Bandero is striking and strong on the trail. You will also enjoy using him for ranch horse riding and roping, and throw in some versatility competition! Work with him, have fun with him. Make him your own!

Waland & Lynne Burger
Stockton, MO 65785

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