Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206


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Horse Details

Quarter Pony

Jamie Thomason

Auburn, KY



13.1- 1/2




Jumping, English, Kid safe, Barrel racing, Trail riding, Lesson program, Wagon rides, Driving, Working


Peanut is the total package and the perfect size! Standing at 53 1/2 inches, he is small enough for the kids and big enough for the adults!

Peanut rides English. He is a natural when it comes to jumping! Pretty mover!

Peanut also rides in western tack. He is a fantastic trail mount. He crosses water, limbs, and logs and goes wherever you point him. Rides alone or in a group. Has been ridden by various kids and rider levels. He can be ponied from a big horse for the little ones to go along on a trail ride. He is not buddy-sour in the slightest.

Peanut is started on the barrel pattern. He is a natural and has some speed when asked. He will only go as fast as the rider wishes.

Peanut also pulls a wagon and is broke to work. Perfect for an enjoyable evening stroll! Traffic safe. He stands still to hook to the wagon, which can be driven by the kids, perfect for someone just learning to drive.

Peanut is a very versatile pony. He is exceptionally mature for his age. Safe, no spook, easy to handle, loads/unloads, easy to catch, stands tied, stands for the farrier, safe around kids, livestock, dogs, strollers, tractors, and four-wheelers.

If you want to meet Peanut before adding him to your family, we would be glad to have you!
Feel free to reach out with any other questions!

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Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206

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