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Thea Bekkedahl

Fort Collins, CO






Star, Brand on RH

Jumping, Dressage, Western pleasure, Trail riding, Packing, Mountain riding, Town riding, Kids lessons, Trick horse



This is a rare opportunity to have your own “Dream Horse”!

Olympus is a 7-year-old 14’3 hand Friesian gelding. He certainly would win every beauty pageant you stick him in; talk about a handsome young horse! If his flashy look doesn’t grab your attention, his kind & easygoing demeanor will! He is also absolutely genius and picks up on everything you teach him. He even knows how to dance!
Olympus is very broke with an extremely nice handle. He smoothly picks up his gaits with a deep stop. Moves off leg pressure stays light in the bridle & is uncomplicated to ride. He is quiet & easy to get along with.
Nothing phases this horse. He is safe with absolutely no nonsense. He has been riding in & out of the arena. He loves cruising down the trails or going to town. He has an amazing mind, and he’s seen every sort of oddball human creation and trail obstacle we could find. The sky is the limit for a horse as great as Olympus, he can go any direction & with his training, he is ready to pick up the career that you’d like for him or be a great companion horse to have under you in the trail!
He loves people and comes with great ground manners. He is started English jumping and dressage and is as fancy as they come when it comes to movement!! He has jumped up to 2”6 and could easily go higher.
We have had all-level riders on him, from beginners doing riding lessons to cross-country jumpers and ranchers!
He is easy to be around, good to catch & loves to be groomed. He stands quietly for the farrier and to be saddled/bridled. Olympus is patient when it comes to being saddled and mounted as well. There’s no funny business!
Sound, sane & ready to move into your barn! Meet this marvelous horse!

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Name Time Offer Auto
karen20 06/28/2023 2:26 pm $10,300.00
TMB 06/27/2023 5:46 pm $10,100.00
Sheilaw 06/27/2023 5:46 pm $10,000.00 Auto
Sheilaw 06/27/2023 5:44 pm $9,200.00 Auto
TMB 06/27/2023 5:44 pm $9,000.00
Sheilaw 06/27/2023 5:43 pm $8,700.00 Auto
TMB 06/27/2023 5:43 pm $8,500.00
Sheilaw 06/23/2023 1:57 pm $8,200.00
Tamarap 06/23/2023 1:57 pm $8,000.00 Auto
Tamarap 06/19/2023 12:53 pm $7,800.00
Stacey 06/19/2023 1:48 am $7,600.00
Tamarap 06/19/2023 1:48 am $7,500.00 Auto
Tamarap 06/18/2023 1:12 pm $7,300.00
BarryB 06/18/2023 11:34 am $7,100.00
hollygirl 06/18/2023 11:11 am $6,900.00
BarryB 06/18/2023 11:11 am $6,800.00 Auto
BarryB 06/17/2023 10:03 am $6,700.00
Tamarap 06/17/2023 9:07 am $6,500.00
BarryB 06/17/2023 9:07 am $6,400.00 Auto
BarryB 06/17/2023 1:43 am $6,200.00
Tamarap 06/17/2023 1:43 am $6,000.00 Auto
Tamarap 06/17/2023 1:42 am $5,200.00 Auto
BarryB 06/17/2023 1:42 am $5,000.00
Tamarap 06/15/2023 9:22 am $4,700.00
Peggy 06/15/2023 6:17 am $4,500.00
Sale Started 06/14/2023 6:21 pm
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