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Horse Details

Draft Cross

Totonka Trail Equine

Laporte, CO






Blue eyes

Ranch, Trails, Roping, Snubbing colts, Traffic safe


Mirage is as nice of a draft cross as you’ll find. He is great out on the trail and perfect on the ranch. He will ride around in the bridle big stop drag anything you dally to. He is very cowy and really watches them. He loves being in your pocket. He will follow you anywhere and absolutely the easiest to catch. He will seek you out. He is very easygoing and always ready for the next adventure. He stands to be mounted and dismounted. Stands to be tacked. He will ride bareback as well. He loads and unloads like one should. We use him to pony the young ones and up in the mountains when we are packing a string. He is very athletic, with so many avenues to go with this gentleman. He is a very easy keeper. Gets along with everything! He wants to be everyone and everything’s friend. No spook to him whatsoever. Absolutely gorgeous and a mind to match. If you’re looking for a draft cross, this guy is awesome. He wears a size three shoe. And nice bone and conformationally correct. Delivery is available anywhere. Payment is expected the next business day by noon. We look forward to meeting everyone and talking to you. Thank you in advance from Totonkatrailequine. Give us a call or text. We will return your call.

Winning Offer: $10,400.00

Make an Offer by Phone- Please Contact Thehorsebay

Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: boons dock

Name Time Offer Auto
boons dock 09/27/2023 5:46 pm $10,400.00
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:40 pm $10,200.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:37 pm $10,000.00 Auto
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:37 pm $9,800.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:37 pm $9,600.00 Auto
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:37 pm $9,400.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:36 pm $9,200.00 Auto
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:36 pm $9,000.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:35 pm $8,200.00 Auto
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:35 pm $8,000.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:34 pm $7,600.00 Auto
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:34 pm $7,400.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:30 pm $7,200.00 Auto
hangingman 09/27/2023 5:30 pm $7,000.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:24 pm $6,100.00 Auto
DiamondRCo 09/27/2023 5:24 pm $5,900.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:23 pm $5,700.00 Auto
baileybunch8 09/27/2023 5:23 pm $5,500.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:21 pm $5,300.00
baileybunch8 09/27/2023 5:19 pm $5,100.00
Phillipos 09/27/2023 5:18 pm $4,900.00
baileybunch8 09/27/2023 11:46 am $4,700.00
DiamondRCo 09/13/2023 11:05 pm $4,500.00
Sale Started 09/13/2023 6:33 pm
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