Mary Jane

Thea Bekkadahl/ Trysten Parks
Fort Collins, CO


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Thea Bekkadahl/Trystan Parks

Fort Collins, CO







Trail riding, Packing, Camping, Mountain riding, Jumping, Equitation, Long distance, Endurance, Roping, Pushing cattle


Mary Jane is a 7-year-old, hand Tennessee walker! She is as well built as they come, absolutely fun and fearless out on the trail, and is extremely hard to spook or scare!
Mary Jane is an easy keeper and has excellent ground manners. She is down to business and loves to work; she is perfect on cattle and loves roping/pushing or rating a cow. MJ is sure-footed and will take you out safely alone or in groups, leading and following anywhere in the group. She has handled rough terrain and long, hard days without a fuss.
She is excellent around traffic, bicycles, wildlife, dogs and pets, strollers, crowds, bands, tarps, flags, and other objects and obstacles, as seen in the video.
My little sister has even jumped her and messed around with cross-country courses, which she has had tons of fun with!
She has the beauty and brains to take you wherever you want. She is very forward and likes to work but doesn’t mind sitting around and getting bathed and brushed.
Great for the farrier and veterinarian. She loads and unloads like a pro. She does great in a herd or stalled, and has yet to see her not get along with another horse.
MJ has Super smooth gaits and is easy to get to go forward, but she also has a sliding stop and is learning neck reining and spins.
Many people have ridden her, and she has even done some bareback riding!
MJ is an easy keeper, no maintenance, and is always sound. Tacks and untacks well and is easy to catch! Come look at this beautiful mare and check out her highly detailed video of all she can do!

Thea Bekkadahl/ Trysten Parks
Fort Collins, CO


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