Lil Wayne

Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206


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Jamie Thomason

Auburn, KY







Beginner safe, Kid safe, Barrel racing, Trail riding, Roping, Lesson program suitable


Kid tested & mom approved!

As parents, we want to watch our children learn, grow, and experience life to the fullest while keeping them safe. Lil Wayne is the safest pony you’ll ever meet! He has babysat children of all ages and levels of riders—a true beginner pony. I haven’t found a kid who can’t ride him!

Lil Wayne is super gentle! The kids are able to catch, saddle, bridle, and ride off on him all by themselves. Zero spooks, tolerant of inexperienced rider cues, will not walk off unless asked to. He has zero vices/bad habits. No buck, bite, kick. He is safe around tractors, four-wheelers, other livestock, dogs, strollers, etc. Handles, clips, bathes, loads, leads, and stands for the farrier like an old pro! No worries about this guy!

Lil Wayne is a seasoned barrel pony. He is the same at the show as he is at home. Stands tied all day. He would be perfect for a beginner starting in junior rodeo. He doesn’t mind a rope. He has been used to gather sheep by the kids and exposed to cattle. He does it all!

Lil Wayne is an honest trail mount for the little ones. Rides out alone or with a group. He is not buddy-sour in the slightest. He crosses water and limbs, climbs the same hills as the big horses, and is happy to ride all day.

If you want to meet Lil Wayne before adding him to your family, we would be glad to have you! With any other questions, feel free to call!

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Jamie Thomason
Auburn, KY 42206

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