Khemosabi’s Pongo Pride “Donny”


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Paradise, UT



Black & White Tobiano




Blaze, Pink nose, 3 white legs, One with black

Trail riding, Gaited, Kid safe


Meet Khemosabi’s Pongo Pride (aka Donny), a handsome black and white Tennessee Walker gelding. At the age of four (turning five in October), Donny captivates with his kind eyes and striking appearance. With a well-proportioned body, including a nicely sized chest and slightly stout build, he exhibits excellent conformation. Donny’s smooth gait and sure-footedness make him a delightful companion on the trails. He embraces a leisurely adventure, though he can pick up the pace and canter when requested. His easygoing nature allows him to take any position during rides—whether it be
 leading the way, accompanying in the middle, or following behind— with no haste. Unfazed by various distractions, Donny remains unfaltering in the
 presence of barking dogs, pack goats, pack horses, people with large backpacks carrying walking sticks and fishing poles, bicycles, and automobile traffic, including tractors, construction equipment and motorcycles. He crosses creeks, small rivers, and bridges, and shows no apprehension toward super steep mountainsides. Donny will also pony other horses, as he remains unperturbed by ropes. Beyond his trail expertise, Donny’s temperament makes him a joy to be around. He is calm and composed, enjoying the company of children and excelling as a lesson horse. However, it is evident that
 Donny possesses immense potential beyond his current role. While he relishes being groomed and shows no aversion to clippers, he stands patiently for the farrier and is exceptionally easy to saddle up whenever you approach the gate, Donny eagerly awaits, ready to shower you with affection. He truly is a love bug. In conclusion, Donny’s true calling lies in exploring the great outdoors. Although he shines as a lesson horse, his skills and attributes make him a remarkable trail companion with boundless potential.

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