Zach Robinson
Flagstaff, AZ 86018


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Zach Robinson

Parks, AZ






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Kaava is simply a solid, athletic, mighty mouse of a Mustang. He is fun, intelligent, and adventurous. Kaava completed his training (ranch foundations) so quickly that, to my amusement, I even taught him a few tricks, like the humble bow in the video (I don’t usually teach horses gimmicks/tricks as they have nothing to do with horsemanship or good horses). I thoroughly enjoy trail running with him (running with my feet beside him), which I have only done with some of my best horses. I enjoy our rides, loping through the woods, and jumping water and logs. He is about as amiable as a horse and always makes friendly introductions with new dogs and other animals.

As with all my horses, Kaava doesn’t need anything besides his comfortable halter (he has been ridden in a snaffle, but not by me). Kaava has graduated his fundamentals and understands moving from the seat, cueing easily from leg pressure in a walk, trot, or lope. He breezed through the advanced techniques in the video, like walking and trotting on the diagonal, spins, side-passing, etc. Take note that I am not using my hands at all except in some instances, like jogging around trees, to make quick corrections if needed—you can trot and weave your way through the forest using only seat and legs, but he is still a colt with a mind of his own, and he is shorter than most branches. When riding in groups, he always puts his nose down and follows everyone, which is his normal herd behavior unless you carry oats: he will do anything for those. He enjoys stretching out and exploring when we are alone (which is almost always).

My horses travel and work with me. They spend their days being horses on our 80-acre property, learning to be themselves and develop independently, not stuck in a stall or circled arenas, bored to death. Aside from excursions to the new wilderness in our area, Kaava travels at least every few weeks. After Kaava’s first ride, he learned everything outside on the trail (if there was a trail).

Kaava has been around Arizona with me, punchin’ cattle down south (besides chasing out the neighbor’s cattle regularly) and packin’ with the mules up north. He has been hauled in every type of trailer (stock, slant, two horse), which includes hopping in trailers with unfamiliar horses in the dark at 4 a.m. for roundups. After his first roundup on 30,000 acres, I had to start pointing him away from cattle (Arizona fence out you all) when out on pleasure/training rides—he understands and enjoys work. The videos show that he has always been impressively calm when we camp and ride alone. When he and I are alone watching the ranch, he has 80 acres to himself but is otherwise on at least 20 acres with 7-10 other equine (and has the rough-housing marks to prove it).

In typical Mustang fashion, Kaava holds his own against any horse in the pasture and keeps the nags young with his playfulness. His feet are what you would expect from a Mustang: thick, solid, and unphased by our rocky country, even while carrying me with his slight frame (the kind that makes you sweat during trims). He probably only weighs 800 lbs and is, therefore, for lighter riders under 130 lbs (I am 150 lbs and feel too big, despite his good cannons/legs). Given his age and size, I gave him extra time to get his legs under him on short, easy rides.

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Zach Robinson
Flagstaff, AZ 86018

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