Austin Kunkler
Tompkinsville, Ky 42167


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Austin Kunkler

Tompkinsville, KY


Bay Roan




LH, RH, LF Stockings; Blaze; White stripe RF leg

Rides, Show horse, Drives, Trail horse, Gaited


Juicy is a wonderful TWH mare with a lot to offer! Juicy has the looks, the brains, and the handle! Juicy stands at 15.1HH and is smooth as silk! This gorgeous gal will pack you many miles on trails without the bat of an eye! Juicy stands quietly in the cross ties and, for baths, leads loads and ties! She picks all her hooves up with ease! Juicy is a horse for any level rider. My daughter has ridden Juicy up and over rough terrain, through creeks, crosses, logs, etc., and she’s just six years old!!! Juicy has a great mind on her. She can be as slow as a turtle, or she will hit that nice gait all day! Juice neck reins in both directions and has a good solid stop! Her video speaks for her! Juicy is a wonderful horse that I know someone is going to love! She also hooks up to the cart and drives! Come see her, give us a call, and let’s chat about this amazing horse!


Please Note: Payment is expected within 24 hours after the close of the auction.

Winning Offer: $7,850.00

Austin Kunkler
Tompkinsville, Ky 42167

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: Richterhorse

Name Time Offer Auto
Richterhorse 08/08/2023 3:23 pm $7,850.00 Auto
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 3:23 pm $7,800.00
Richterhorse 08/08/2023 3:19 pm $7,600.00 Auto
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 3:19 pm $7,550.00
Richterhorse 08/08/2023 3:14 pm $7,350.00
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 3:11 pm $7,150.00
scconley 08/08/2023 3:11 pm $7,000.00 Auto
scconley 08/08/2023 3:07 pm $6,950.00
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 3:03 pm $6,750.00
scconley 08/08/2023 3:03 pm $6,700.00 Auto
scconley 08/08/2023 3:03 pm $6,550.00
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 2:56 pm $6,350.00
scconley 08/08/2023 2:56 pm $6,300.00 Auto
scconley 08/08/2023 2:55 pm $6,150.00
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 2:52 pm $5,950.00
Richterhorse 08/08/2023 2:51 pm $5,750.00 Auto
Gypsylover 08/08/2023 2:51 pm $5,600.00
Richterhorse 08/08/2023 11:33 am $5,400.00
Bob Melder 08/08/2023 11:33 am $5,300.00 Auto
Bob Melder 08/08/2023 11:05 am $5,200.00 Auto
scconley 08/08/2023 11:05 am $5,000.00
Bob Melder 08/08/2023 9:10 am $3,800.00
Amy Clark 08/08/2023 9:10 am $3,700.00 Auto
Amy Clark 07/29/2023 10:05 am $3,500.00
Sale Started 07/26/2023 6:21 pm

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