Jacob Glover
Jamestown, KY 42629


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Missouri Foxtrotter

Jacob's Stables

Jamestown, KY






4 Stockings

Trails, Hunting, Field Trial, Gaited


.410, 20, 12… pick any gauge you want, but if you pick this Gauge, it will surely hit the target! Gauge is a stocky-built, 15.3hh, 10-year-old black/white Missouri Foxtrotting Gelding! Every buyer always wants a history report on a potential horse… Three years ago, we sold a customer in Wyoming 4 horses, and the following year, they added a 5th. In those three years, they have been used for Elk and Deer hunting in the Grand Teton Mountains and other areas of Wyoming. For the last three years, Gauge has carried the wife and friends as well, and he has been going up/down some of the roughest mountains, even packing out killed game; Gauge has SEEN IT ALL!!! Moose, Bear, Mountain Lions… Gauge has been there and experienced it! Due to his wife’s health issues, my customer sold all 5 of their horses back to us a couple of months ago just as their hunting season was closing, and yet again, Gauge made his way up in the rugged mountains of Wyoming and helped bring back some trophies! Gauge has a very smooth gait; he will gait for any rider and will help boost your confidence levels! He would be a great horse for the whole family to ride and enjoy. He will handle any steep slopes, cross water, cross deadfall, and mud and ditches as well. He is a horse that is easy to ride, and anyone should love him! Gauge is easy to catch, clip, bathe, tack-up, load, and handle. Gauge has a great attitude about whatever he is asked to do. I invite everyone to see Gauge and let him speak for himself! Feel free to call Jacob with any questions. He is located in Jamestown, KY.

Jacob Glover
Jamestown, KY 42629

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