Trevor Patrick
Parkers Lake, KY 42634


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Horse Details

Missouri Foxtrotter

Trevor Patrick

Parkers Lake, KY






Star; RH/RF/LF Sock

Gaited, Trail


Whoa, whoa, whoa…. Stop and take a look at this magnificent gentleman that we call Fetty!!! He is a jet-black gelding, standing around 15 wide and just as tall. Fetty is nine years old and one classy-looking and classy-moving guy! He is big enough to carry a big ol boy and easy enough to ride to carry his little sister, too. He is super smooth, gaited, and I mean super smooth!!! He has that true 4-beat gait and glides along effortlessly! Fetty has been trail-ridden throughout Virginia and Tennessee. He has been on overnight camping trips and has been ridden in big groups as well as alone. He will handle any steep slopes, cross water, cross deadfall, goes through mud and ditches as well. He has been exposed to everything imaginable on the trails, from wildlife to tight situations. He has been ridden on busy highways and is traffic-safe. He has a great attitude about whatever he is asked to do. He is located in Parkers Lake, KY, and I invite everyone to come see him for themselves and feel what a smooth ride is!!! Feel free to call Trevor with any questions. He is located in Parkers Lake, KY.

Winning Offer: $6,800.00

Trevor Patrick
Parkers Lake, KY 42634

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: DebbieBerdy

Name Time Offer Auto
DebbieBerdy 10/03/2023 4:32 am $6,800.00
Chad Hansen 10/01/2023 9:42 pm $6,600.00
Sbliss 10/01/2023 9:42 pm $6,500.00 Auto
Sbliss 10/01/2023 2:32 pm $6,400.00
Chad Hansen 09/25/2023 6:53 pm $6,200.00
Sbliss 09/25/2023 6:53 pm $6,000.00 Auto
Sbliss 09/24/2023 9:23 pm $5,400.00
Tefoust 09/24/2023 7:56 pm $5,200.00
Sbliss 09/24/2023 7:56 pm $5,000.00 Auto
Sbliss 09/23/2023 10:34 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 09/20/2023 7:05 pm

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