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Fort Collins, CO






Star, Strip, Snip, LF stocking, LH sock, Flaxen mane/tail, RF stocking, RH sock

Trail riding, Cross country, Jumping, Kid safe, Roping, Western pleasure, Packing , 4-H, Family safe



Fabio is just as darling as they come!!!
Fabio gets comments everywhere we go, not only about his looks but also his temperament!! He is calm, collected, and easy to be around, but he also has the “get up and go” when asked and loves to work!
Fabio is an absolute trailblazer and has made his way through some tough terrain with us; give him the reins, and he’ll get you there safely! He will pack into the mountains, tie and pack out without a problem, and cross about anything you point him at! My little sister even took him on a camping trip! Fabio is 100% unphased by town life as well!
He is the life of the party when we go downtown and absolutely loves the attention; we’ve ridden on the highway right next to semis, through downtown late at night, up and down parking garages, and even to get coffee and lunch!
He is 100% safe around dogs, vehicles, bikes, little kids, machinery ETC!
Fabio has smooth sitting or posting trot, a nice lope, and a quick stop! I have carried a flag on him, thrown tarps over him, dragged barrels and logs, and even chased cows!
Fabio also has a knack for jumping and makes the absolute cutest cross-country or show jumper!! Fabio stands for the vet and farrier, loads and unloads easily, loves baths and water, and gets along with everyone!
There is nothing this horse can’t do! he truly lives up to his name!!

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SmokeyBandit24 07/26/2023 4:02 pm $5,700.00
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Whiterose14 07/25/2023 4:57 pm $4,000.00
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