Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524


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Quarter Horse

Thea Bekkedahl

Fort Collins, CO


Sooty Buckskin




4 Stockings

Ranch horse, Roping, Cows, Trails, Mountain riding, English, Hunter jumper started, Husband safe, Packing, Bombproof


*DUTTON* is a 7 yr old 15-hand all-around buckskin gelding! This guy is easygoing, loves attention, and wants to be your best friend.
Dutton is fearless at everything you ask of him, Very intelligent, and retains well.
On top of his personality, he is versatile in many disciplines, from pushing cows and helping out on the ranch to exploring all through the mountains on crazy terrain and picking his way through the Rocky Mountains. He is a very sure-footed young gelding.
He loves the trails closer to home as well! Nothing phases him from kiddos, bridges, tunnels, bicyclists, joggers, K9s, strollers, trains, etc. He does great in town with vehicles, lights, loud noises, and all the obstacles of the busy town life. He also absolutely loves the water and swimming!
We have also started Dutton English, and on some light jumping, he is an excellent jumper with a lot of scopes and has surpassed everyone’s expectations!! Dutton absolutely loves to work, and this guy has a very competitive heart!
He is started on a little bit of everything and will continue to learn and grow with whatever you put this guy’s mind into!
He has a big future in the competitive world with his drive and will to be the best at what he does and still relaxed enough to take you on a pleasurable joy ride in the countryside and will return you safely. He loads great and will back out as well without a problem.
He is truly fun to be around as he has a lot of personality and is super goofy but willing to do whatever task is thrown at him.
Whether you live in a big city or out in the countryside, he does well and enjoys his job. He is great with other horses, is the most easy-going horse in the pasture that will get along with anyone, and is the first to meet you at the gate. He has also been in a stall and is an easy keeper. This horse has been a blessing to work with and be a part of watching him learn and grow.
He bathes well, grooms amazingly, and stands great for farrier veterinarians.
He is young been started right, and is not overworked. He has absolutely no lameness or maintenance issues. He does well with time off and the same horse every ride. If you’re looking for one to ride on beaches, in town, go up hunting, hit some mountains, or put you in the winner’s circle, do not pass this guy up. He has had multiple different riders on him and does extremely well with everyone that’s stepped onto him.
He would also be a super talented dressage horse, with how athletic he is and how he holds himself.
He is handy in the bridle, learning spins, rollback, half passes, etc.!

Give me a call for further questions or to set up a time to meet this sweet guy!

Thea Bekkedahl
Fort Collins, CO 80524

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