Bradley Howard
Strunk, Ky 42649


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Bradley Howard

Strunk, KY






Hind stockings, Wide blaze

Ranch, Trail, Pack, English, Western


This is Dreamer, a 15.3 hh paint quarter horse mare mule. Dreamer is truly the kind you dream about having. Dreamer is an exceptionally nice mule. If you want a mule just to trail ride, that’s her. If you want a mule to pack off of, that’s her. If you want a mule with show ability, that’s her. She will ride English or western. She could be shown in ranch class, or we have jumped 2’3” up to 3’3” with her. She will flex up and ride collected, taking both leads and neck rein as a horse should. Dreamer loads/unloads, tacks up quietly, stands for farrier, and bathes. If you point this mule, she will go no matter how steep or rough the terrain is. She has been ridden all over in parades. Dreamer is traffic-safe and dog safe. She crosses logs, bridges, and big or small bodies of water with zero problems. She rides front, middle, or back with zero trouble on a loose rein. She has a good slow lope, a super smooth jog, and extent ranch walks. She will cover a lot of ground in a short about of time. She will be the same mule EVERY TIME you tack her up with ZERO tricks about her. She is not stupid over her legs or ears. For any questions, please feel free to call.

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Bradley Howard
Strunk, Ky 42649


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Auction expired without reaching reserve price

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Kdavisdeer 11/20/2022 6:45 am $5,700.00
Rcrickert 11/20/2022 6:44 am $5,500.00
Kdavisdeer 11/20/2022 6:39 am $5,300.00
minidonks 11/20/2022 6:32 am $5,100.00
Rcrickert 11/20/2022 6:27 am $4,900.00
minidonks 11/20/2022 6:24 am $4,700.00
Tedh 11/20/2022 6:24 am $4,500.00 Auto
Tedh 11/16/2022 10:03 am $4,499.00
Alex A 11/16/2022 10:03 am $4,299.00 Auto
Alex A 11/15/2022 1:44 pm $4,200.00
Birddog 11/09/2022 3:17 pm $4,000.00
Sale Started 11/06/2022 4:40 pm

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