Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535


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Horse Details

Kiger Mustang / Quarter X

Totonka Trail Equine

Laporte, CO


Buttermilk Buckskin




LF Coronet; LH Pastern; RH Fetlock

Trail, Bombproof, Babysitter, mounted shooting, Cattle started


Chalupa is absolutely amazing and so perfect out on the trail. He is not a fancy ranch horse or super broke arena horse. I will not lie about him or try to hide and say he neck reins perfectly, as a lot of horses I see advertised as. He is green in all of those areas but is a very willing folks. He also learns quickly and is starting to track a cow nicely. He will not put you in the money in the open sorting classes. He will not do flying lead changes. He will not neck rein properly as most advertised will not. But let me tell you where he does shine! He is absolutely 100 percent the safest thing you can find for the trail. He is absolutely 100 percent the safest thing you can find for your grandchildren, children, or husband. He is the sweetest guy you’ll ever find and loves being a part of everything. He is in your pocket and ready to be caught every time he sees you. Or he is happy to be greeted and rubbed on. He will take you anywhere safely. He does have the potential to learn and be much more. He will retain everything you teach him. He is honest and safe every ride, no matter how long he has sat. He does not require any warming up. He is what every horse should be in attitude and spirit. He loves tracking and playing with the cows now and mounted shooting. He will give you a friendship we all long to have with our horses. We hope you will come to see for yourself.

A good friend of mine raised this guy from the day he was born. She said with life’s turn of events for her, she needed to find him the best home and knew I could do so. He was an accident but a miracle, she said. Her mare got out from her pasture as a band of Kiger mustangs came around, and her registered AQHA mare was in the cycle she left with them. Was caught three weeks later and put her mare back at home. This is how Chalupa came to be. She said from birth to breaking him till now. He has never taken an I’ll step. He has been her best friend, and completed many adventures together in the Oregon mountains and overnighted on so many trips. It is unsettling for her to let him go, but knows he deserves so many more adventures. And with her time up in the horse and adventure category. She decided she didn’t want to be a part of finding him a new home and couldn’t bear it. So, I got the honor to find him his new best friend.

So many people dream of owning a Kiger; if you know anything about them, then you know. But now you get the best of both worlds: some of the greatest blood from Dam’s side and undeniably the best of the mustangs that still roam the United States of America!

Loads unloads as one should.
Great in a group in the corrals and pasture. Stays out of trouble. Tacks and untacks well. Rides western or bareback, as seen in the video.
He is barefoot in all of the videos and doesn’t require shoes (he’s half Mustang) and feet like iron.

We are honored to bring you such a fine horse. We look forward to meeting everyone and talking to you. Please call or text only; we will return your calls or messages. We offer delivery anywhere. Payment is expected the next business day by noon. Thank you in advance from Totonkatrailequine come see for yourself and check this once-in-a-lifetime gentleman out. Thanks again.

Winning Offer: $15,000.00

Dustyn Jackson
Laporte, CO 80535

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Item condition: New

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Highest bidder was: ptompkins

Name Time Offer Auto
ptompkins 10/01/2023 9:09 pm $15,000.00 Auto
Danny Fordyce 10/01/2023 9:09 pm $14,800.00
ptompkins 09/30/2023 11:06 am $14,600.00 Auto
Danny Fordyce 09/30/2023 11:06 am $14,400.00
ptompkins 09/28/2023 9:48 pm $14,200.00 Auto
Danny Fordyce 09/28/2023 9:48 pm $14,000.00
ptompkins 09/28/2023 9:47 pm $13,700.00 Auto
Danny Fordyce 09/28/2023 9:47 pm $13,500.00
ptompkins 09/27/2023 3:47 pm $12,200.00 Auto
Suzl 09/27/2023 3:47 pm $12,000.00
ptompkins 09/27/2023 3:46 pm $11,800.00 Auto
Suzl 09/27/2023 3:46 pm $11,600.00
ptompkins 09/27/2023 3:46 pm $11,400.00 Auto
Suzl 09/27/2023 3:46 pm $11,200.00
ptompkins 09/27/2023 3:45 pm $11,000.00 Auto
Suzl 09/27/2023 3:45 pm $10,800.00
ptompkins 09/25/2023 6:32 pm $10,600.00 Auto
Cille 09/25/2023 6:32 pm $10,400.00
ptompkins 09/25/2023 9:31 am $10,200.00 Auto
MuleGate 09/25/2023 9:31 am $10,000.00
ptompkins 09/25/2023 9:30 am $9,800.00 Auto
MuleGate 09/25/2023 9:30 am $9,600.00
ptompkins 09/25/2023 9:29 am $9,200.00 Auto
MuleGate 09/25/2023 9:29 am $9,000.00
ptompkins 09/25/2023 9:28 am $8,700.00 Auto
MuleGate 09/25/2023 9:28 am $8,500.00
ptompkins 09/19/2023 1:26 pm $7,700.00
brad.benson 09/19/2023 1:26 pm $7,500.00 Auto
brad.benson 09/18/2023 9:44 am $7,200.00
deltawave 09/18/2023 9:44 am $7,000.00 Auto
deltawave 09/18/2023 9:40 am $6,700.00 Auto
brad.benson 09/18/2023 9:40 am $6,500.00
deltawave 09/16/2023 4:03 pm $5,700.00
brad.benson 09/16/2023 4:03 pm $5,500.00 Auto
brad.benson 09/14/2023 1:05 pm $4,500.00
Sale Started 09/13/2023 5:56 pm
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