Dillion Asher
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456


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Horse Details

Tennessee Walking Horse

Dillion Asher

Mount Vernon, KY






LH Stocking; LF Sock

Trail, Parade, Trail Obstacle, Canter, Gaited


Are you looking for that “been there done that” kind of horse, that is confident, dependable, and will carry you all day, every day? If so, Benji here may just be what you’re looking for. Benji has been trail-ridden countless miles all over Ky and surrounding states. There is nothing this little horse hasn’t seen. He has been hunted off of, packed off of, led dogs, checked cattle, and even been in local parades. Benji loves his job and is eager to please. He is very personable and loves people. Meet you at the gate personality and loves to be groomed and pampered. Great for the farrier and very easy to clip and bathe. Stands dead still to be saddled and bridled and will always stand like a statue to be mounted. Benji is a forward-moving horse but a very controllable forward-moving horse. He loves to beep and bop along in his ground-covering flat walk. He will dog walk down the trails and through tough obstacles, but he really likes that 4-5 mph speed in the open. He is very smooth and easygoing. He will also speed up in a nice running walk gait and has a very nice rocking chair canter as well. He is a very seasoned horse, and it really shows. He doesn’t pay attention to anything. He loves his job and is focused on his job. You can ride him anywhere and feel 100% safe. He is not looking at everything or jumping and dodging away from stuff. Benji rides out with or without company and will ride anywhere in a group. Excellent in traffic and around ATVs. Wildlife and livestock safe. Crosses any obstacle you will come to on the trail without hesitation. If you are looking for that super safe horse that will be tough enough to carry you all day on them big rides, you sure won’t go wrong with Benji. Please call or message us to schedule a time to see him yourself.

Dillion Asher
Mount Vernon, Ky 40456

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