Cheyenne Layton
Horse Cave, KY 42749


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Horse Details

Quarter Horse

Cheyenne Layton

Horse Cave, KY


Dapple Grey




Blaze, RH/LH Sock

Picks up correct leads, Flying lead changes, come over cue, W/T/C, Jumps, Neck Reins, Sidepass, Stops collectivity, Ropes, Spins, Crosses bridges, Teeter totters, Carrie’s flags, Drags objects, Tracks roping dummy, Bathes, Leads, Ties, Crosses tarps, Rides through tunnels, Backs using feet and seat, Extreme cowboy racing, Shows/Roping clinics, Horsemanship clinics, Yields hind quarters, Lunges both directions.


Ace is a lovely, fun-to-ride 6-year-old dapple grey gelding that stands 15.2 hands. Although he is a grade, please take advantage of the opportunity to own this talented horse in his prime. We have owned Ace since 2019, when he was just two years old. With Karla June, this outstanding gelding spent 90 days of professional training at KR Horsemanship in Lexington, KY. Since then, he has competed in numerous Extreme Cowboy Races and training clinics in multiple states, including Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, and Texas. He has been trail-ridden extensively and attended several professional training clinics that included horsemanship skills ranging from body control and obstacles to breakaway roping. Ace has been exposed to all sorts of obstacles. He will cross bridges no matter the height, cross teeter-totter bridges, open and close gates off of him, and know the come-over cue to pick you up. At the same time, on a mounting block at the snap of your fingers, side passes both directions, walks through hanging pool noodles and tarp tunnels, swims in rivers, leads, loads, ties, picks up all 4 feet, backs, neck reins, collectively stops off the seat, responds to leg pressure, yields hind quarters, lunge lines both directions, lowers his head and bridles very easily, you can easily mount and dismount off him, carries flags, crosses mattresses on the ground, water boxes, throw a rope off of him, drags objects, sorts cattle, tracks a roping dummy behind a ATV, crosses tarps, throw tractor tire inner tubes off of him, jumps, has an excellent start to spin, picks up correct leads off cue and flying lead changes and has a very smooth trot and lope, and saddles and unsaddles fine. He has a charming in-your-pocket demeanor whether you are looking to trail ride, use him as a ranch horse, or show him. Ace is not aggressive towards other horses, dogs, or people whatsoever. You can ride him bareback or with a saddle. He has always been ridden western and with a rear cinch with no issue. He has a silly personality and craves attention. You will likely have to keep him in check to respect your space. He is in no way mean about it. Still, it can be pretty annoying when you are trying to clean stalls, for example, and he is rubbing his butt against you wanting scratches. When you’re filling water tanks, he will pick up the water hose in his mouth sometimes and swing it everywhere, soaking everything in sight, and if it isn’t that, then he will take your bottle of Coke at a show in his front teeth and swing it around or swing his feed bucket around when you’re 1 minute late with grain. I recently, this year, brought home two wild mustangs from the BLM and have worked them off of Ace and ponied them around while dallied off to my saddle horn when the mustangs were learning to lead. Several pictures and videos show almost all of this described above about him. I ride him occasionally with my two small kids in front of me in the saddle. He is for sale due to no fault of his own. I am backing away from showing in the Extreme Cowboy Racing Association at this time and focusing more on my mustangs, and he has much potential to sit when someone else could enjoy him. In my opinion, he will be best suited for a confident, experienced rider who will give him a job as he is very soft in the mouth and will likely get confused with someone who doesn’t have the experience it takes to give cues when asking of something from him and gets bored quickly. On his front left foot, he has a scar from an old injury when he was three years old that does not affect him in any way, shape, or form. I have shown him hard in Glen Rose, Texas, when he qualified for the Extreme Cowboy Racing Association World Finals, which totaled two straight weeks of clinics, riding, and showing daily, and he has never taken a lame step. At the EXCA 2022 World Finals, he placed 13th out of 31 riders in our division. This horse is unique and hard to let go of, but I have too many irons in the fire training mustangs right now and are not competing in shows. Our veterinarian performs a dental exam and sheath cleaning every year when we have our coggins completed, so he has had full teeth and sheath care under sedation. This horse has been there and done that and will likely turn heads wherever you go with his gorgeous grey dapples in the summer. It’s safe to say the only thing I haven’t done with this horse is shoot off of him. Take advantage of your chance to own this awesome horse! You may never come across another personal family horse like Ace, with all his experiences while being provided pictures and videos of everything he can do!

Cheyenne Layton
Horse Cave, KY 42749

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