Son of Katey May (Maverick)

Lindsay Merritt
Sawyer ND 58781


  • HwShlYCQSuY
  • aWSLQC62-b0

Horse Details

American Quarter Horse

Lindsay Merritt

Sawyer, ND



Roan Buckskin




Small Star, White RF Lower Pastern, White RR Lower Pastern

Western, Trail Riding, Natural Horsemanship


Maverick is a 6 yr. Old AQHA Gelding. He is a stunning boy at 16.1hh. With beautiful buckskin roan coloring!
He completed the Clinton Anderson Clinician Academy with me this summer; while we were there, he got a great foundation put on him and learned so much!
Maverick would make an awesome kid, family horse, or a great trail riding partner! He is a very calm and easy-going guy!
He knows all of Clinton’s Fundamentals and most of the Intermediate level. Some of the riding exercises include one rein stops, bending, yielding the hindquarters, vertical flexion at the walk and trot, backup, shoulder in/shoulder out, I’ve started him on side passing and the beginning of a spin, and more!
The last month after the Academy, I’ve been doing a lot of trail riding with him, and he handles it all really well. He slowly picks his way up and down hills, doesn’t care about traffic and dogs, etc.!
I chased cattle with him a few times. He did really well and seemed to enjoy it!
He has also done obstacles such as the bridge, log circle, tire, flatbed trailer, and teeter-totter bridge. He is great with the plastic bag, tarp, slide off his butt, ride double, get the mail, stand on him and crack the stock whip, chainsaws, weed whacker, lariat, and dragging objects. Not much bothers him!
He is great with his feet for the farrier, ties, good with baths, including his face, fly spray, trailering, saddling, bridling with your knee on the ground, and so much more!
Feel free to contact me to schedule a time to visit!


Lindsay Merritt
Sawyer ND 58781


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