Sioux City Gal “Foxy”

Stacey Armendariz
Peggs, Ok 74452


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Horse Details


Stacey Armendariz

Peggs, OK



Blue Roan





Gathering Cattle/Goats, Trail, Gentle, Lopes, Moves off easy, Ready to be taken in any direction


Registered 4 yr old beautiful Blue Roan Quarter horse filly.
I bred her mother to a beautiful athletic grey stud. Foxy was a planned breeding. She was born on my place and has been my personal horse since birth. I named her Foxy because of how smart she is and also because of her beautiful soft blue roan coat. She is very gentle and soft in the mouth. She’s very aware of her space and, unlike other horses I’ve ridden, never banged my leg on the gate or the fence going through. She moves off easy; there’s no need to be harsh with her. She’s always been ridden with a fair and gentle hand. She is searching and eager to please. She’s ready to go in any direction. I am a 53-year-old woman and a beginner to intermediate rider. I’ve been the one riding her. My son is a professional trainer and has just started riding her to polish her up for me over the last few months. He’s been riding her almost every day. In the video, she is loping on the correct lead out in a vast pasture. I’ve personally gathered cattle and goats on her. She’s been ridden through the woods and has no problem stepping over logs. She’s used to dogs, cows, goats, large equipment, trucks, etc. She meets me at the gate every day and is easy to halter.

Takes a bit easy. Very trusting and kind. Loads in the trailer good. My son has practiced with the smarty and the flag on her. She’s fine going over tarps or platforms. She’s very trusting and goes where you point her pretty much. She was started right. She is not lazy and will go easily when asked. We didn’t get a video of it, but when she runs, her tail stands up and flags out like an Arab. She’s just beautiful. She’s one inch shy of 15 hands, standing at 14.3. She might get there yet since she’s only 4. She’s the perfect size for most people. Don’t miss out on a chance to own this flashy beauty. She’s a rare combination of beauty and athletic ability topped off with a great and willing mind. Bid with confidence, this ranchy little filly will do you right. She sells 100 % sound! I’m going to miss her.

Winning Offer: $7,000.00

Stacey Armendariz
Peggs, Ok 74452

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Name Time Offer Auto
boons dock 11/27/2023 4:00 pm $7,000.00 Auto
boons dock 11/27/2023 3:52 pm $6,700.00 Auto
Phillipos 11/27/2023 3:52 pm $6,500.00
boons dock 11/27/2023 3:32 pm $6,200.00 Auto
Phillipos 11/27/2023 3:32 pm $6,000.00
boons dock 11/27/2023 3:31 pm $5,600.00 Auto
Phillipos 11/27/2023 3:31 pm $5,400.00
boons dock 11/27/2023 3:30 pm $5,200.00 Auto
Phillipos 11/27/2023 3:30 pm $5,000.00
boons dock 11/27/2023 3:21 pm $4,400.00
dustincbaker 11/24/2023 10:48 am $4,200.00
sageprairie 11/24/2023 7:04 am $4,000.00
Sale Started 11/08/2023 6:43 pm
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